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The Yoga Baxishta

Models of self-knowledge and daydreams of a small-town mystic.

For Easter: Is Christ the walking talking subconscious mind?

here's a draft of a page from my 3rd play which may be appropriate at Easter time. it tries to show how the Christ seems to work in a way which is similar to that of the subconscious mind.


Last Page of Knowledge 4 Knuckleheads - I hope you enjoyed the 'play'!

Self-Knowledge for Knuckleheads page 25 of 25:

End Page


page 24 of 25 of Self-Knowledge for Knuckleheads: Glossary

page 23 of 25 of Self-Knowledge for Knuckleheads: Third Intermission

Self-Knowledge for Knuckleheads page 23 of 25:

Third Intermission