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Prem Vishrant

To stay in the world, with relationships and commitments, and at the same time to fully meet everything that appears internally is a challenge.

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"Beingness is everything, it is our only true nature, everything else just comes and goes like dreams come and go, we are that that is before these dreams appear and we are that after these dreams disappear. Nothing can touch our true nature, it remains pure no matter what"


Get enthusiastic about truth, get enthusiastic about love, about reality, put all your passion into it. Don't hold back any reserve. Go for it totally. Give it your all. Live life to its fullest.  Squeeze all the juice out. Have no backup plan. Burn all your bridges and just go for it.
This moment is not going to ever be repeated. Live it totally.


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Being "Totally Received" by Vishrant

There is a very obvious feeling in being received by another.  Yes, there are boundries there, but in this receiving they do not get broken nor challenged.  Even if they get crossed (whatever  boundries I am talking about) they don't ring an alarm.


Perhaps I thought that I could guide this conversation in another way.  You can see how it starts slower than usual.  Guide it by not guiding it.  Just some sillyness coming into play.  (Lighting is weird because Vishrant was darkly lit so I made myself too light.)