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Sri Guru Shakti Durga

Energy, called Shakti, can be applied to ignite the soul and results in a committed vision to life.

Meet Sri Guru Shakti Durga

Shakti Durga didn’t start life wanting to be a spiritual teacher. In fact, she started life as Kim Fraser – a modern, educated Australian woman who had a successful practice as a barrister for 16 years. She was sceptical of spirituality, lived in a waterfront home in Sydney and experienced a life of great material wealth. Yet despite a life of success and achievement on the outside, she was miserable on the inside.


She has established a series of charitable spiritual schools known as Harmony Centres, now located throughout Australia. Classes are by donation and topics range from energy healing to using spiritual principals to run a successful business. “These are schools and classes for the soul,” says Shakti Durga. “We blend eastern and western traditions, draw on the work of many spiritual teachers and bring likeminded people together to help them discover their purpose and mission.


“One of the Guru’s most important roles is to lift people and open their hearts. One of my greatest aspirations is to help my students grow and outshine me. Your heart will tell you if this is the right school for you.”


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Sri Guru Shakti Durga is a Celebration of Energy

Sri Guru Shakti DurgaSri Guru Shakti Durga

Her name means divine energy and it is completely evident.  The growth of all endeavors in the Shanti Mission are evidence that a great force is being channeled through everything that occurs with this sangha.

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