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More and more women are standing up, saying that they see the Light

Meet Pratima

Papaji gave several men and two women the permission to go out into the world and hold “Satsang” (meetings in truth) on his behalf. Gangaji is one and Pratima is the other. Pratima is also a teacher of “Deeksa” also known as the “Oneness Blessing” and with the combination of these two gifts she is able to enhance people’s ability to awaken to the truth of their being.


Another passion of Pratima’s is Astrology which she has been studying since the age of 16 and this is one of the tools she now uses to predict the future.


Pratima’s passion these days is the topic of 2012. In combination with Astrology, the Mayan Calendar, Quantum Physics and more, Pratima has a vision of events which may unfold during this important time.

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Pratima teachings appropriate for today




The Qualities of Consciousness


Dialogue, (and Papaji)



How does expanded consciousness appear to be?


So much to talk about, Pratima is open to the flow.



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