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When I sing I feel a tangible connection with every person

Meet Parvati Ma

Shakti Durga describes Parvati Ma as “ a true force of nature”. It has been said “When Parvati Ma sings it is the clarion call to the Divine. To hear her, your heart too will sing and your spirit will soar with devotion.”


The truth behind Parvati Ma’s “unstoppable joy” being more than that of a charismatic, larger than life personality blessed with a voice that compels you to listen with delight is her relationship with Shakti Durga. It is the pure Guru-Disciple relationship forged from the fire of devotion and service.


“ Shakti Durga introduced me to the concept of the higher vibrational nature and purpose of music,” says Parvati Ma,” She taught me to sing from my heart and this amplified my capacity to awaken others to their own magnificence”

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Parvati Ma, the Guru and me as not separate

Parvati MaParvati Ma

 Again and again my experiencer of Parvati is exceptional.  She channels a higher intelligence and intuitively guides the room in raising their energy and releasing their blocks.  Here we talk about it.

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Meditation and Energy Healing Session with Pravati Ma

Thsi was the warm up session for the one below where both Sam and I received an energy blessing.  It certainly was significant, and I will surely see Pravati in Melbourne/

Amazing Shakti, Parvati Ma

Sam and I received blessing. The room was electric. The experience is a great shift. A woman of love.