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Devi Ma

(Swami Bhairavi Ananda) The Shiva Process Self-inquiry method is one of Devi Ma's great gifts.

Meet Devi Ma (Swami Bhairavi Ananda)

 Devi Ma” has been instrumental in creating the Shiva Ashram and directs programmes of courses, events and the management of daily operations.


Ma Devi worked with Swamiji in developing and refining the Shiva Process and is a key teacher in training other teachers as well as working with individuals in private counselling. Her Learn to Meditate classes are known for her insight and application of techniques to nourishing relationships. She also developed the hatha yoga programme of courses and teacher’s training.


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Devi Ma, the Fountain of Youth is the Shakti Energy

Devi MaDevi Ma

 Devi Ma shares much about her path and her life in the Shiva Yoga Ashram, Melbourne (Mt Eliza) Victoria Australia

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