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Counseling methodology uses rational emotive and a brief mis-belief therapy approach, and seeks to avoid fundamental and/or reflective assumptions.

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Simply stated, good mental health means making your own mind into your friend.  It takes a stepping back from favorite and repetative patterns to actually see what behaviors are serving your life and which have been continually damaging.  Old outdated culprits are most often limiting and problem creating.  This bind sends us a message of bad feeling.  This bad feeling in turn blocks us from God's grace or the glory of the universe.


It is so automatic and predictable that it doesn't have to be so difficult to diffuse.  Many have reported a changed life in only a few sessions, and have persued various tranings to be presenters and teachers themselves.  It works.

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David Riddell, Spirited Conversation Quickly hits many Bull's Eyes

Doesn't take long to make a point when two people are making so much sense.  Well, common sense is what works with ease.  Uncommon sense, maybe that is a lirttle essoteric, but do we need it?

David Riddell, Definitions Revisited for Mental Health
David Riddell on New kind of Assertion
1st of 3 meetings with Single's Group
Recognizing boundaries that bring up issues for you today and dealing with it responsibly sometimes takes some assertive action.
Richmond Baptist Church Address
Toxic Religion
Toxic beliefs assume that we abdicate our responsibility and autonomy for what someone tells us. They are really telling us and pointing so that we check it out and experience it for ourselves. When we act out blind "faith" we are robots for anyone else to utilize.