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Favorite Music

Let's link to good music and turn each other on to talented musicians. Youtube music videos, musician websites, and other links to audio files, (no direct uploads for now). Meditation music, relaxation music, spiritual chants, new age, from many traditions. I am embedding some links, but I want you to be able to do it. Contact me to get html powers in the forum.

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High Strangeness at Willow Lake

My name is Joe and I've just joined NNH.
I thought I'd post this promotional video previewing the tracks from my forthcoming second album; High Strangeness at Willow Lake.
Several of the tracks came to me in dreams.
I hope you like it.
All the best

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Primativo, I like this movie by the Foster Brothers in Africa

 In these last months we have talked about the origin of man and the origin of language.  Was there a conceivable time when man was (is) more connected to ONE?  What are man's senses that are even now verifiable, that are beyond, (or before) language?

What is the nature of the so-called morphic field?

I loved this movie from before I started NNH.  I found it in Africa, with great difficulty, it was not available here.  It showed me a part of humanity that did not really "think" of itself.  Enjoy for now, I'll leave it up for a while.

Ron Newman

Here's what I've got to offer. Hope someone enjoys it.

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Music from frits van der ploeg

I was reading a poem posted here by frits van der ploeg, and checking out his web site.  I really enjoyed listening to his music.  

He says, "I realized that 'awareness of what is happening now' happened naturally during 'playing'. Now I know that it is the impersonal Being, which is not stuck to circumstances, but free and waiting to be realized."

A nice player will cycle through all the pieces, just start at number one.

Actaully, no content is uploaded to Never Not Here, but everything is embedded.  If anyone knows how to (and from where to) embed audio streams.  Please teach me.  I would love to be able to embed a player here, like this one on Frits's site.

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Meditation Music

 In 2005 Michael composed these three pieces for a meditation series a client was putting together. I heard the one we call First Snow and asked him to create a 20 minute section of it for me to listen to as I realy like to have this sort of music playing in the background of my day while I work etc. So for 3 years we heard this piece ALOT (LOL) is acually now represents an "era" of our lives! We named the other two pieces and he remixed/edited a bit and now the three pieces are playing everyday all day.

Deva Premal

Deva Premal. I discovered her about two years ago. She's so real/genuine. I especially like her renditions of traditional mantra's in Sanskrit. Like the Moola Mantra. I don't know what she's singing exactly in terms of meaning. But that doesn't matter. the vibe is just exquisite...

Today I rediscovered that I have a youtube account, and decided to use it by uploading a few songs. One of which is by Deva Premal. It's less than 3 minutes. It's the closing-part of the Moola Mantra which itself is about an hour in length. It is accompanied by a slide show (quotes and pictures of teachers.) I had great fun making it.

(Yes, there is sound, but she only starts singing after 20 seconds or so. Don't play it too soft!)


These two video´s of Omkara really make me want to check out more of her music. It´s just heaven:

Kirtana and Wild Dove Music

Richard J MillerRichard J Miller

Three years ago, from the beginning of Never Not Here, we had used songs by Kirtana as our 'theme songs' for opening and closing the shows.  Here is a broadcasted talk that we did in May 2008.

 This is her website, where you can hear samples of her music and find links where you can hear more.

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Some music to enjoy :)

Well this is a topic that's right up my alley.. i love music, and i also like to make it myself :)

Here's a meditative little piece of music i made recently:



And another recent one:

My website with lots more:

Some more relaxing music: the music of Sri Chinmoy.. there's some really good stuff there :)

I especially like this channel:

If you like some meditation music that isn't too cheesy, you can try any of the albums by liquid mind (they all sound similar).

Here's an example of what that sounds like: