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Has your spiritual path actually waked you up?

Meet Fred Davis

 Listen to Fred's amazing account of how many people transform their viewpoint by merely talking with him a short time.


Move into Openness as the most Effective Life

 I am really enjoying my times with Fred.  Notice how we are relaxing together.  I look forward to the possibility of radical discovery about how the human being can move into openness.

What part of human perception is based on linguistic destinctions?

Fred DavisFred Davis

I lay down a few distinctions that aid with living life.

  • Perception is the intersection of sense organ input and the interpretation of it.
  • (And there is no way to know which is predominate or by how much.)
  • Perception can be either 'centric' (having something to do with what appears here) or 'a-centric' (having not much to do with what appears here.)
  • It is a basic division between experience (with some thought) and thought (alone).
  • Why not move most of your attention to centric perception?
  • (Spiritual search is a-centric perception.)

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The language of Awakening

 Fred and I are committed to a series to unwind what we are really doing in our search and discovery of expanded outlooks on life. Here is our second discussion.