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You can tell people about powerful experiences, maybe feel that they are more widespread and normal, and/or find that others have been able to let go of a similar "Wow" to still be present with the NOW.

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Playfulness as an experiment

Do you ever feel obliged to watch a movie? Maybe the movie stinks but your friends like it. You could even habitually watch a TV channel, and complain about it at the same time. In this clip I'm saying life can look like a bad TV channel, if we look into it. Then the channel is a metaphor for a mindset. We're educated in a certain way, that we only look at certain 'channels' and see others as a disturbance factor. It's a kind of focus that can keep us stuck in a loop.

On Never not Here we're experimenting unsticking from these narrow perspectives. We've formed some groups in this process, because being together increases our creativity. This clip is from a hangout from one of these groups.

Getting unstuck is seeing that every TV channel is just a story. That story has an effect on you, and it can limit your perception. As long as we're stuck the stories keep us passive; when we cut loose from that we can re-story the stories ourselves.


Right-brained or Left-brained?

The dancing figure in the begining I remember we have had it before on the forum, but I don`t think we`ve had the rest of this test.

To get left and right side in balance (approximately 50-50 )would be a good result, which I myself didn`t get (73L - 27R).


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Experiencing in this illusion

Knowing that most all awakened peoples end up being teachers/gurus, as most are Easterners, being a Westerner I had a hard time with this. I love sharing where I am Now so that is cool, but I also like helping others by other means such as EFT and eventually NLP & TLT. The reason being, is that not everyone is awake from this illusion, yet, and/or may beLIEve they need to go outside themselves to get healing or self realize.

On such a note, before my healing and self realizing, I joined a MLM that I LOVED which also aided in all of this. After self realizing, though, I withdrew as I had no idea how to BE around everyone yet. Then, I didn't want to do anything business/selling wise as I just wanted to share where I am Now and help others.

Now, after the first of the year, I made a decision to run my business. Or maybe not. I came across a video where Rupert talks about Experience and that was great as I also feel in my true nature that the Absolute experiences through us. That brings me back to my first sentence. I thought that because most don't DO anything in that sense, that I shouldn't either.

Thankfully I met an awesome teacher and this is what he told me:
Answer to all questions! What is appearing is mind. Engage in any way you see fit. You need no green light from me as to what you should and should not do. Follow your own resonance on this.

Also, knowing what is meant by intuitive action, that helps immensely. Plus, if I get anxious I know I'm not Being Now. When I get mad at something or someone, I ask myself, “Who is mad?” and it all goes away.

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Having fun as an experiment

There's often a fundamental split in the way we define things as positive and negative. It's when we just want more of the so-called positive and just want to get rid of what we call negative. Let's look at some examples. I'll list some of the defined 'opposites' that often bring people to extremism. You figure out which one of these is positive and which on is negative:

  • Thought and feeling
  • Mind and silence
  • The scriptures and parrotting them
  • Recognizing and forgetting
  • Real or illusory
  • Living from a certainty and letting in new information
  • Me and no me
  • Science and my own experiment

It's hard to be creative from the seriousness of extremism; it's like there's a boring kind of reliability to it because it always points to the same: chasing one polarity and dismissing the other. Could it be more fun to honour all areas of life? That's what we experimented with in this group



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Intimacy as an experiment

Wow, a group that sets common intentions to experiment with life can give a really powerful experience! In many traditions these intentions are then channeled into practice, work and principles. Instead of going for anything that's designed to achieve we deconstructed that way of education. From there we've looked at the fun of living from experimental designing. It means we're always testing what the effect of our current verbal design is on our life, our feelings and our interactions. Every story is a choice: go for it, set it down, or play with it. With the power of these verbal building blocks (words) new possibilities can arise. Maybe these possibilities are even in a whole new context, that was outside of your outlook before.


Jacob Needleman

Jacob Needleman is a professor of philosophy at San Francisco State University.I haven`t read any of his books yet, but I checked him out on the Wikipedia, where I also found this beautiful allegory, the "mountain climb" allegory. from where I quote:

Needleman speaks of a mountain that is very high, and being at the top of the mountain is being with God. The base of this mountain is so broad that it extends out to several different climate zones. People from the artic climate have a tradition about how to climb the mountain, wearing a parha with snowshoes and goggles, etc. The people in the tropical zone teach how it is necessary to wear short pants and a pith helmet with mosquito netting. The people in the artic, by the time they get halfway up the mountain find that it is warmer than they had thought so they shed some of their outwear. The people from the tropics find the need to go back to get a sweater. By the time they get to the top, they`re all dressed in a similar way because there is only one top.

The problem Needleman cautions about is when people walk around the base of the mountain arguing with each other about the proper way to dress for the journey.


Experience without an I

Several months ago I was in meditation when suddenly there was a dramatic shift in my awareness/identity. The experience was very different than any other meditation experience that I ever have had. It was as if the center of my awareness no longer had an I that related to the world around me or my thoughts.
Nothing was changed in my enviroment and inwardly thinking was occuring but the sense that "I" was doing this was gone. I got up,walked around and experienced this for some time but started thinking "I'm not ready to live like this". This lasted for several hours and then faded. When I told my wife about this experience she was concerned that I had a stroke during meditation. I'm not prone to strokes.
Since this experience the sense that I am the doer is not as definite.
I was wondering if this experience is common/normal for deep meditation.

Bruce Lipton and Tom Campbell

I hope you`ll enjoy the conversation between these two guys as much as I did.


NWO Alien Agenda

Hi All,

I have some lecture excerpts that you might be interested in. It's from a Buddha Master from the Falun Dafa school of QiGong. A very high level cultivation technique that is very righteous and powerful:

I recommend checking this out, especially the book 'Zhuan Falun':

Wow what a read, it covers so many things, from the mysteries of the microcosm to the macrocosm, other dimensions, the soul, ancient prehistory, supernatural latent abilities, chi, gong energy and so many other things.

This practice is also being severely persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party with practitioners being sent to concentration camps, tortured, there organs sold on the black market and often killed:

In these following lecture excerpts, the founder of Falun Dafa, Mr Li hongzhi spells out the Alien Agenda that is upon this earth and it's implications to humanity as a whole.

The rest of the lectures that have been given around the world can be found here:

Also Mr Li Hongzhi has been interviewed by Time Asia, another fascinating read:,8599,2053761,00.html

But in closing, here are the lecture excerpts on the Alien Agenda that is taking place on our planet, I hope you will find them of interest.


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Funny Human B~ings~

As I take a moment, prior to any "exchange" with another fellow traveler on this journey and consider that what they are be bringing to the table, may possibly Not be who they really Are, I am graced with a different "view" of who I am communicating with. Moreover and in Most cases, what I am seeing and hearing is just a byproduct of social conditioning, ingrained patterning, belief systems and experiences.
With this knowing, it becomes easier to find and relate to what I will call "the foundational self". As I ask myself who this soul was prior to the pain, fear, abandonment, etc. I find the answer to Always be the same. I am talking to a beautiful, innocent, vulnerable, sometimes scared and lonely Child of our Creator.
I am talking to "me"~♥
Even if they are screaming at me, my "filter" is already in place and what I hear is a cry for Love, a desire to be understood and held in the Light of who they Really Are. With this "view" I can truly be of service to them, As "ME". After all, we may look and sound different, come from different backgrounds, cultures and belief systems, yet our "foundational selves", the *child* before training is Always exactly the same. Ahhhhh <> <> <> WeBeOne~!