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Sure it's gossip, tell your experience and see if you can own your own judgements. Watch them as you type.

Swami Suddhananada ji

It was six in the morning, our house owner-- an old man in his 70s, a very shrewd person and a Ramana Follower invited one Swami Suddhananada to Bhimavaram [west godavari distict, andhra pradesh, india]. We were students then. A copule of us were asked to receive him. I was interested in meeting him and asking him my "Have you seen God? Can you show me God?", which I picked up by reading Swami Vivekananada.
That was a time when I wanted to see God, people see each other.

"Bring a flower garland", my owner told me. I cursed him a little for not giving me the money to buy the garland. I woke up early, picked the garland and reached the station, eagerly waiting for someone who could show me God.

And finally, after some waiting --- which seemed longer because of my eagerness --- he arrived. He did not look impressive. He was normal, wearing saffron robes and simple person. he came in a train. When I garlanded him, he greeted me with a nice smile and said "Govinda! Govinda!"
he some times says "Mahadeva!" and some times "Govinda!" , when people take his blessings by touching his feet.

He was taken to a guest house which was very near to our college and then we waited for a few minutes for him to get ready.

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Brene' Brown, Vulnerability Research

Brene' talks to TED on the damaging effects of society's  numbing to vulnerability.


Radha Ma - any experiences?

Some time ago I came across Radha Ma (on the internet.) She is a woman who lives in Tiruvannamalai.
The only thing I know from her are these short video´s, which are great:
(btw: possibly some video´s are shown twice, in total there are about 10 different video´s)

I love to see more of her, but there is hardly any info about her on the internet, apart from this: (interesting, although I have to mention that I doubt whether the text under the title ´teachings´ actually came from her [they are lyrics of a pop song])

Anyone familiar with her, or start taking a liking after seeing the video´s in the link?

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Show Me Myself Video

Here's a great uplifting video, that'll make you laugh. 


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A Mooji Comment

I thought that I would share my experience of Mooji. I love that guy.

Have you ever gone up front, in a Mooji satsang? I have, maybe more than a dozen times, done a 10 day silent retreat in India, several weekend intensives in Chicago and all the NNH filmed encounters. I even sang him a love song in one satsang and did that Christmas party "stand-up routine" last winter.

Although I would never see myself staying with him for months as an audio/video guy, and I wouldn't ask for a spiritual name. (I had an Osho name during the 80's).

To me it is not so much what he says. His shower of love and respect for you is immense. But what totally "frys" you is his mountain of intention, that you can totally get this, right now. He doesn't waver from that, and you can feel it burn.

My inner intention was so often, "I can get this tomorrow", and he wouldn't let that stand. Inside I'd be screeming, "STOP IT MOOJI". But he wouldn't flinch. It is just like he has a burner under you, and he keeps turning up the gas.

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Teacher Bashing

Some people are really into who is a false teacher and who had sex with whom other. Whoopee, this is really going to be interesting??

I remember when I lived in Italy for 12 years and some politician got into a scandal. The general reaction from the public was "wow, I didn't know that he could still do it, bravo." At the same time the USA scandals were running rampant and usurping all attention from anything in the nation of importance.

I guess bashing means that at least my teacher is better than the ones that I bash. It is funny, that enlightened masters see God in every sentient being, and disciples see god only in their master. Maybe as you spread your appreciation wider, are you getting any closer?

There must be something (experiential, less of hearsay) worthwhile to share about a great mentor. Let's hear it.

On this site, I think that there must be a strong sense of humor.