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Please look up the book: THE WAY "IT" IS by Chuck Hillig.

To sum it up, Chuck is telling a friend/student about the divine "IT". He tells the student: IT is everywhere, everything, every action, every possible thing in the entire cosmos but the student argues with Chuck or just doesn't believe it. Chuck goes on to say: you're IT, I'm IT, this is IT, that's IT, etc. and the student finally gives in and accepts that it's all true but then says: OK, Chuck, I see your point - NOW WHAT? What am supposed to do next? (At this point in the book, all my senses picked up 'cos I've often wondered the same thing) So Chuck just tells the student: Appreciate IT, respect IT, love IT, like IT, embrace IT, be happy with IT, enjoy IT! - it's all your self, so why not? That just hit me like a brick! I've been fighting with and unhappy with IT (myself) most of my life! So, thanks to Chuck, I am now relaxing and enjoying IT as much as possible since there really is nothing else to do but happily accept IT/ME and finally HAVE MY LIFE BACK. I don't know if that is an "awakening" or just a psychological tool but it's good enough for now and makes my life way better than it was back in my neurotic, seeking, unhappy days of living at odds with myself all the time.

DYING TO BE ME by Anita Moorjani

This is the best practical book on spirituality that I have ever read. Anita survived a near death experience from cancer and has given us all the details of her illness, recovery and near-death memories/revelations. It's so clear, simple and non-mystical yet contains simple, doable suggestions for living a better, happier life RIGHT NOW - without having to get sick or nearly die.
Get this book from the library, e-book or paper.
:) Jim

Although Anita's book contains a lot of both spiritual information and practical wisdom, her basic message is to just live fearlessly! It's quite a compelling and simple story.

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Enbrightened Commentary (God is Real)

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Social Basis of Consciousness, Trigant Burrow from the 30's

Here is a Pdf of a review of Trigant Burrow, by D H Lawrence.  Burrow had written 80 years ago.  It is amazing that Burrow identified mankind's major malady of living life through a mental picture of himself, or one step removed from Life.  It is amazing that this was discovered and then ignored by the whole profession of psycology.

Burrow's method was to create a group of honest people that might interact with each other, attempting to see through the pictures that we all define as Normal, or "seeing before the stories of me".  We have been attempting such a group this month here in Chicago with a few selected people.  Please take a look at this Pdf of 6 pages.


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The Resurrection Testament v 1-4

I posted these to share. There are 4 volumes to the overall Testament.

This is a link for the books. I also, offer them as free (digital) downloads. If you want a real book, you have to buy, just like me.

Here is a link to my main site, you can read at least one chapter from each book there. I welcome a discussion or questions anyone may have. God Bless.

I can post quotes from each book, but that would make this original post very long, especially with 4 volumes.

God Bless.

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Walden, by Thoreau

Walden, by Thoreau
(I still regard Thoreau as genuine...ed)

Where I Lived, and What I Lived For

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I AM THAT Dialogues of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Dialogues of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Link at:

Here is a relevant quote from Nisargadatta Maharaj in I Am That:

Q: How can I make out whom to follow and whom to mistrust?
N: Mistrust all, until you are convinced. The true Guru will never humiliate you, nor will he estrange you from yourself. He will constantly bring you back to the fact of your inherent perfection and encourage you to seek within. He knows you need nothing, not even him, and is never tired of reminding you. The self-appointed Guru is more concerned with himself than with his disciples.

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An Alchemy of Mind

This book is awesome. Well written, it's like a Journey that takes many twists and turns, I love her writing style. Not Spiritual in the strict sense of the word, but it goes into the workings of the brain, which I'm finding to be so incredible, the complexity of the human brain. It's such an enjoyable read, and is leaving me with a greater respect and compassion for this human body.

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Banker to the Poor, Muhammad Yunus

Pehaps we have all heard of small loans to very poor women to buy a sewing machine or a cow or something to better their life.

To go further into it and read the story of how it all evolved, even with tremendous opposition, is quite interestng and quite touching.  It is called Grameen Bank (Grameen means rural).  Who would ever think about how many micro loans (that maybe net only $20 surplus per year each) would it take to support the structure to initiate those loans and to follow up with collection, documentaton and the organization of the financial institutions needed to keep the whole thing flowing. 

Fortunately one man, Muhammad Yunus didn't think about it, he just started making the loans.  Everyone else who ever did think about it said "no way is it possible".  The way Grameen Bank does it, the borrower payback percentage is higher than any commercial or developemental bank, higher than any bank.

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Book Review Jeff Foster' An Extraordinary Absence.

Over the years I have read many many many books! Searching for truth I was, ha :) I read "I Am That" by Nisargadatta Maharaj not once but twice, the first time it took me a year, still didn't get it.... Jeff Foster's An Extraordinary Absence was the book that literally hit me over the head so to speak, within the first 3 chapters, I was gone!- In this book Jeff was able to make me be that what I had been searching for, which of course I did not find during my search. Need to "stop the search" he says. Jeff has a way of showing you how to stop the mind search and be as a child. This is a great book, well worth a read without all the concepts, truly a book for the exhausted spiritual seeker!