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Books We Are Reading

Initiate a new book here with the 1st post the title of the book and "part one" (or how ever the book is divided). The trick is to keep it organized like the book so that others are clear where to post the part they are reading. A book with lots of posts will move to it's own topic. (Find good grouping, not 100 chapters = 100 posts)

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Walden, by Thoreau

Walden, by Thoreau
(I still regard Thoreau as genuine...ed)

Where I Lived, and What I Lived For

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New Book on 'Touch'

Dear Friends of the world,

I'd like to invite your participation in choosing a title for a new pioneering book on the subject of 'touch'. This book explores touch through the seven core areas of all human experience including: breath, meditation, diet, exercise, intuition, touch and nature.

Before launching this book I'd like to get as many opinions as possible on the title. The attached blog gives a further description of what the book is all about.

You can vote on the possible titles by clicking on the link below which take you to the opinion poll voting page. Choose either A, B or C then click vote and your done. It's very easy so I hope you will take the time to participate in this venture. When the book is ready I'll make another post on how to get hold of a copy.

Many thanks for your support,
Colin Boyd

Comments and feed back are very welcome. My e-mail:

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Let's read Karl Renz together

 When I was in India I saw Karl Renz a few times.  I even took a few pictures from his "rooftop" which appear on our rotating banner.  Here is a pdf of his book "Without a Second".  Download your copy and make your comments as replies below. 

Karl Renz


I think that you are in for a treat?  Download Here