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The Truth Is, by Papaji

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Self ~ A Papaji Poem

Here is a link to a spoken word video of the poem "Self" from The Truth Is.

You are Love Dancing as Emptiness

I have read only the first couple of chapters and I have been highlighting the phrases that are of interest to me. There are two that have really stood out for me and I keep coming back to them:

"Forget what can be forgotten and know yourself to be that which can never be forgotten."

"Here and now is your heart."

The first one (to me) says that you should stop worrying about things that are not important and concentrate one what!

The second one (to me) says that if I stop and realize the here and now, I will realize it is within my heart, my inner self.

Anger and Dissatisfaction

The poem about Anger and Dissatifaction (Thieves in an Empty House section page 391) was quite interesting. I was having a bad week at work and reading about anger was meaningful and insightful. In just a few words, Papaji describes what anger is and how to handle this emotion. The next time I feel angry, I will try to focus my energy on practicing his words of wisdom.