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Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wisdom, Rita Marie Robinson

One post for each subject woman, then comment with reply.

Marlies Cocheret De La Moriniere

I thought her story was very interesting and touching. She had to deal with rape and the death of both her parents at such a young age. She seems like a very strong person that has overcome a lot of obstacles. It's hard to believe and understand sometimes what people go through in life. I find it interesting that her satsangs talk a lot about sexuality while most of the others do not even touch that subject. I think, personally, part of the reason she does it is because it helps her as well as the people she is talking to. It also gives other people hope and gives them a sense of security knowing that they are not alone. Someone else had a terrible experience and this person was able to overcome this experience and turn her life into something meaningful.

Muni Fluss

I found Muni Fluss’s story to be very interesting. I am amazed really that she was able to forgive her brother for doing what he did. I guess I wonder how a person can have that happen to them and then put it behind them. I would think that it would be hard to come to terms with what happened and then to face the person would be even harder. I don’t know that I would be able to do that but it sounds like she was able to forgive him (even though he still didn’t seem to be very nice when she confronted him). She was able to deal with it and move on. I really like this one.

Catherine Ingram

I like to read about the "ah ha" moments. Catherine Ingram's was a gradual realization, a gradual getting used to it. It permeates your life, she says, as if you are steeping in it.

Pamela Wilson

I find it interesting that people are willing to pay her to go to their home (or other location) to give talks. I guess it just makes me wonder how she makes a living this way (even though it seems that she is perfectly content with her life) but also how do you get people to become followers or beleivers? Basically she is just talking about her life and what changes she has made that have led her to this point.

Chameli Gad Ardagh interview

The author, Rita Marie Robinson, interviewed Chameli Gad Ardagh and asked what was her "ah-ha" moment. Chameli's response was that it wasnt' the big explosion she was expecting. It was very simple. She said, "So much of my life was about getting love, longing for love. Then to realize that that's what I'm made of, that love is right here. Wow!" I found this quite inspirational.