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Tomas Stubbs

Working in Vancouver, close to Moni Vangolan his partner, he is deep inside of "Eckhart territory"

Tomas Stubbs

Awakening is a funny thing, it´s never quite what you think it is. Even after the fact. For the longest time it seemed like the essential shift happened in a moment of realization. Now I see that the realization was just a moment of crystallisation, the head finally got what the heart had always been yearning for, what it already knew.

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Video interview - Sustaining the Self

Tomas StubbsTomas Stubbs

Sharing with you all a lovely short video made by my friend Deborah.

She is a talented film maker and devoted satsanger... I'm really delighted with the way she manages to capture something of the essence of stillness on camera.

check it out!


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conversation with a puff of smoke

Tomas StubbsTomas Stubbs

(hit "Read more" right away with this one to see the whole story.)

puff of smoke says "I feel murky, I cannot see clearly"

clear space says "Yes, you are a puff of smoke"

puff of smoke says "Where are you, I heard your whisper?"

clear space says "I am here, I am all around"

puff of smoke says "Where are you, all I see is smoke?"

clear space says "Yes, you are a puff of smoke, but I am all around, I am everywhere"

puff of smoke says "I am looking for you. If you are everywhere why can I not see you?"

clear space says "You have to look past the surface appearance, I am not the smoke that you are, though I am in the smoke. I am beyond the smoke, look further."

puff of smoke says "I can see that I am smoke, and it seems that I can see a faint glimpse of you through the smoke, but it's fleeting, there's a lot of smoke in the way."

clear space says "Yes, you are a puff of smoke"

puff of smoke says "If you are everywhere, then you must be within me too, and yet I only see smoke"

clear space says "When you look through those smokey eyes everything you see looks a little like smoke, even that that is not smoke looks smokey."

puff of smoke says "Yes, it's smokey all around and it's smokey within me too. Where can I find you then, are you not in me?"

clear space says "You are a puff of smoke, I am not in you, you are in me!"

puff of smoke says "Oh yes, you are all around, I'm just a small puff of smoke and thought I was a big thing, but you are not limited to any thing"

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