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Bhashkar Perinchery has been teaching the art of inner growth and the 'flowering' of the human potential for over 25 years, giving individual counseling, leading seminars and training, and lecturing in Universities and symposiums all over the world. He lives in Germany where, for the past 15 years, he has been leading the "Universal and Multiversal Academy", which represents the unity and wholeness as well as the complexity and multidimensionality of the human being.


Bhashkar Perinchery in Chicago Oct 2011

Reminding us that time and the seasons, along with many other perceptions are only of the planet earth.  In the eternity of deep space what time is there or what movement exists without the reference of our revolving planet?  How is it that what we know so surely, is only grounded on this earth?

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An Individual Initiative for World Peace - by Bhaskar Perinchery

Bhashkar PerincheryBhashkar Perinchery

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The following is an essay by Bhashkar Perinchery on what we as individuals can do to create and contribute to an atmosphere of peace and a quality of ease in our own life and in the world:

The 7 Day-Leap Within

The individual initiative for world-peace is starting with every individual themselves, as we begin to recognize the individual inner strength - because that is what is normally forgotten.

We always think that the politicians are the persons who have to decide, that somebody else has to decide, and we somehow forget, our individual strength and responsibility. There is in everything a deep interconnectedness and each individual is in a subdle way contributing to the wholeness.

Just as many individual drops of rain, which appear insignificant, coming together, can create a strong current of a river, so it is also when so many

individuals start bringing a different quality in their energy together. By recognizing what the roots of hatred in us are, what the roots of violence in us are, what the roots of the conflict in ourselves are, and clearing it up, a new energy field will be created. This is what is significant, because what we carry inside, gets reflected outside.

It has also been observed by the modern psychiatric research, that before wars are happening, there has been a higher percentage of neurosis among the human beings and when the war starts, much of the neurosis seems to subside. It is as if the inner tensions and the inner conflicts, which are undigested

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About the Author: A former film maker from India, Bhashkar Perinchery has been an internationally noted mystic, author, seminar leader, peace maker and inspiring visionary speaker for over three decades. He initiated non-profit initiatives internationally, including U.M. Academy in Freiburg, Germany and IMU University in Chicago, Ill. USA

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Individual Initiative for Environmental Care and Survival - by Bhashkar Perinchery

Bhashkar PerincheryBhashkar Perinchery

This text was first published on July 11th, 1992, at the one-year celebration of the Academy initiated by the author in Freiburg, Germany


1. This world - an organic unity
2. Individual initiative and global measures
3. Water, air and other important resources for life on this planet under
administration of the UNO
4. A part of the military personal to be further trained to function for environmental care
and international development-help with the UNO as coordinator
5. Help for the industries to switch over to environment-friendly products
6. Overpopulation, poverty and their interconnectedness
7. Ambassadors of Life and Friendship (ALFs)
8. Significance and responsibility of the individual human being
9. Individual initiative in practice
10. The important step for survival: A jump from one-dimensionality to multi-dimensionality.

1. This World - An Organic Unity

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About the Author: Internationally known mystic, author and speaker Bhashkar Perinchery. Other publications in this series by the same author:

* Individual Initiative for Environmental Care and Survival
* Reclaiming Your Divinity: A Perspective Of Individual Initiative For The Flowering Of Human and Divine Potential Within Us

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