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Living Realization, Scott Kiloby

This is a (now over 100, always growing) page E-Book, that you can download from the 1st post. Scott will personally answer any questions about this book. (see inside for instructions on how it works.)

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shadow work

Hey friends,

I just was reading the living realization text, and tried the 3-2-1 shadow work. I did it different though: in the text a shadow is projected on a person, instead i tried it on some work I had to do. I identified the shadow in this work that I had to do. Then I literally talked to it, and then re-owned it. It worked all the same and it's valuable. I just wanted to share that!


Scott Kiloby 4th Q&A Responses

Scott KilobyScott Kiloby

If nothing exists as an independent thing, how can we talk about anything? I seem to enjoy being in the world, apparently doing things, and enjoying life. Is this recognition you speak of, the end of my life as I knew it?

Scott's Reply:

When you say "how can we talk about anything," take a closer look. What you are calling "things" are really thoughts. Is there any way to know of a thing outside of the thought that arises to describe it?

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Taking Questions March 1st to 15th

Add your current questions here (as replies) for any further reading you have done on Living Realization.

Scott Kiloby 3rd Q&A Responses

Scott KilobyScott Kiloby

 Paul wrote:

Scott Kiloby 2nd Q&A Responses

Scott KilobyScott Kiloby

Tyler wrote:
I understand that awareness is prior to thought, and as it is what we are, cannot be affected by thought. Thought cannot understand awareness, because it's an appearance of awareness, easy enough. Here's what boggles my mind:
Prior to recognizing awareness, we lived our lives through the simulated self. The knowledge of that self was all that we knew was needed. So then, what is it that leads the simulated self on the spiritual search, if that spiritual search is going to make the simulated self fall away (lose control, die)? Is it just inevitable? Is it what the simulated self is always headed towards? Or does the simulated self not know what is in store for it through the recognition of awareness?

Taking Questions February 15th through 28th

Scott KilobyScott Kiloby

Hi Everyone,
There is a new chapter in the book, if you want to download again, the link is on the first post. The reason we want to focus the questions on the book is that Scott is actually adding material, and some might be based on your questions. In January Scott answered many questions that ranged far and wide. Let's focus for him this month.

Thanks for your participation.

Scott Kiloby 1st Q&A Responses

Scott KilobyScott Kiloby

Can thought recognize Awareness?

I've begun to see how truly powerful the ego is at maintaining itself. One teacher explained that ego cannot, and will not kill itself. I'm assuming he means that thought can't get rid of thought. So then how does the recognition of awareness happen if it isn't through thought? If ego is thought, would it not understand that no thought is the death of itself?

Taking questions February 8th through 14th

Scott KilobyScott Kiloby

Here is the space for the first questions for Scott Kiloby, which we have decided to do only by date, although you can mention page numbers if it will help. Please confine you questions or comments to the Living Realization text. (If you don't have the book, you can download it from the previous post.)

Just Click reply and have your say.


Here is a second video from Scott, to get your creative juices flowing:


Download your copy, and let's get started

We did a web cast!

Wow, what a weekend!  There were from 55 to 80 people on line and 25 people came to the house for all or half of the broadcasts.  I really got to know Scott Kiloby, as we made 3 1/2 hours of other recordings, (not included on the broadcasts).

I think these extra recodings were stunning, breakthrough dialogs.  (Scott is well known for his "Kilologs" anyway, and I can't wait to share these with you.)  Scptt's  e-book, Living Realization has been updated, and now it is best to go to his web site to get the latest version.

If you are in a hurry to re-hear the broadcasts, you can watch the unedited versions now on:
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Our big thanks to Scott for offering his personal interaction with our Reading Club, and giving us a beautiful live experience on the 21st of March.