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If you feel to disparage anyone, please save me the trouble of moving it, and put it in here.

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Some people (or robots) seem to be spamming the forum lately

there i've said it :-)

enjoy your day


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I can't know what is "Needed"

 One thing in life I prefer not to catch myself doing is talking down to anyone, on this site or off of it.  "You know that you shouldn't be doing that! How can you expect to find what is true when you are so distracted by blind emotion?"  No No No No, that is not me. 

If anything, I am just thinking of myself and managing this site in a way that doesn't put off an unsuspecting newbie.  After all this topic is not really the point, maybe just a side road on a seeming journey.  What feels very close to us, may be explosive.  Many never allow themselves to get close to that core, or navigate a wide berth from any conflict.  Maybe it doesn't mean that conflict and explosion are not there?  One way "better", I would not say.

From the beginning an idea that I thought would make my life easier, is to have everyone upload a photo avatar.  For sure, this wouldn't come up if you were standing behind your own photo.  In some way I see it as more mature, just accepting to be "little ole me".   Then if excess didn't come up, would that be a suppression?  I don't know that either.  I am happy that I found this category, Fur Flies, or it found me.

Someone suggested that I pre-assign a goofy avatar to everyone, until they uploaded a photo. 

Much manipulation, who needs it?  There is a world full of it.

Thanks for coming to this site.

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Pushing the Button

Please read the two e-mails that were sent to me privately by Chuckles. I guess that I must be doing some good on this forum. Surely, this is an oppourtunity for 'Chuckles' to go beyond or see through the falsehood of the limited and separate body-mind-ego. Judge for yourself:

"Let me ask you something, asshole. Were you shocked when that repulsive little infant came out of your wife's grotesque pussy? Is that why you became interested in nonduality? To escape from your miserable, disappointing life? How did a retard like you become a "research psychologist"? What do you do all day? Experiment on whackjobs? You have a lofty title like "research psychologist" and you spend your time on a stupid nonduality forum arguing with fuckheads like me? What are you trying to prove? If there's no one there, then who the fuck is it that cares so goddamned much about proving me wrong? You're just a pathetic, miserable disillusioned "psychologist" who at one time hoped to find answers in psychology, only to realize that your whole career was total fucking meaningless sham....aren't you, you cocksucker? And now you're spinning nonduality concepts inside of your pathetic little skull as a way of living in denial and escaping from your nightmare existence. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! THAT'S FUCKING HILARIOUS, YOU PATHETIC FUCK!!"