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When that voice that speaks from the 'empty' (Mooji), was heard, the resonance with truth was immediate. The ghost story and the ghost were seen through self-inquiry. It was then that these videos began to happen.

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Only This One is Fit ~ Mooji


 "Only This One is Fit" ~ Mooji

By special request: The request for this story to be posted was made by someone who attended satsang the day of this recording, and was deeply touched by the story of the king. Also included in this video is the preceding dialogue; from the uncut DVD "Drop Yourself".

"Even the imagined life stands on the support of the universal support; but in the mind of consciousness, if it believes itself to be an individual, "doing", it comes into the dream of karma... The push, the impulse, of consciousness is to undress itself in this body of its dreaming. It's tired of sleep, it's tired of nightmares, it's tired of suffering!" (Mooji)

PS:  the day after posting this video to YouTube, I received this message on Facebook from another friend who attended satsang when this video was recorded: "The next day a note came to Mooji with a question: ' why did you cry when telling the story yesterday ?' "  "Because I was happy" said Mooji


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Not Guru Worship


Not Guru Worship; Simply an Unbroken Flow of Truth Revealing ItSelf

(I was recently asked a question in an email and what follows is the essence of my response which, upon reflection, I decided to post here also.)

I often used to record conversations on the computer regarding anything about consciousness to listen to later. I once heard a 'transformational coach' being asked the question: "do you give everyone equal attention?". The answer that came from the coach was: "more attention is given to those who are 'close' so I can pull them through and make room for those coming up behind". There were some moments here of shock at witnessing the apparent ignorance in this statement.

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Contemplate This! ~ Mooji

The following is a write-up copied/pasted from Mooji's website []:

Mooji highly recommendeds the video, "Contemplate This!", as one of the clearest pointers to the everlasting truth.

Mooji says, "I want serious seekers to study this video, contemplate its message and discuss their findings with me the next time we have an opportunity to meet."

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Identity Based on Thought ~ Mooji

Identity Based on Thought

A most auspicious dialogue in satsang with Mooji.

Part One

"You are the light of consciousness and the witness of this light also." (Mooji)



Part Two

"You maybe feel I don't answer your question... I answer all questions; ...I give you the key to open all locks." (Mooji)

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AWARENESS ~ A Video Satsang Dialogue with Mooji

A satsang dialogue with Mooji about Awareness.

"Everything has its source in the Awareness itself." (Mooji)

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"The Eternal has called you, your Immortal Being has called you, and you are worried about who is going to take care of 'my mortal life'

.... we're afraid to lose our attachments.

...all the Beings are drowning because this weight is too much.

Your Being is not a coward. It doesn't have to compromise. The Beingness does not know compromise. It only knows compassion.

Beyond this, in your Absolute-ness, there is no need even to converse. ...

The sense of being a "person" is your most outward costume."  (Mooji)


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Safety or Freedom ~ Satsang with Mooji in Stockholm

The two video clips below are the essence of one very rich dialogue from the un-cut DVD entitled "Safety or Freedom", recorded on 29 August 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden.

 In the Illusion and Beyond It

Q: "It feels sometimes like I am lying". M: "You're in this, and also simultaneously, you're beyond it.... a deep wisdom inside you knows this."

Music clips: Omkara (from the Album 'Let Nothing Remain')


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Satsang with Mooji in Sweden

Undressing the Budddha (Trailer) ~ Mooji

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Satsang with Mooji ~ London Intensive July 31 & Aug 1, 2010

Three video clips from a recent Satsang Intensive with Mooji in London UK, 31 July and 1 August, 2010.

Point of Recognition

"All is the Self and the Self alone .... you are boundless freedom. Only the formless Essence eternally exists. Once this truth is realized, there is no more necessity to be reborn." "Clarify for yourself." (Mooji) Music: Deva Premal

The Shadow Existence of Thought in Self-Image & Expectations

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Satsang expressing itself in the form of music (Mooji)

Welcome Home to the Unknown ~ Mooji

This is perhaps a spontaneous poem by Mooji, set to music by Omkara, followed at the end by a few, powerful words from Mooji. Lyrics below.

Editors note: things I do not know

- this may have been a spontaneous poem by Mooji