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Introduce Your Self

Please introduce your self to the forums. How did you find NNH?

Greetings All

Hi All, I look forward to browsing the forums and sharing. Please and Light, -Advait

Hi everyone

It was an interview with Swami Shankarananda that led me to NNH. I'm interested in all the paths that lead to liberation. It will be good to communicate with like-minded people.

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Greetings, everyone. I'm glad to have found this site.

I was a yoga teacher for many years. I understand the importance of body energies in spirituality, but I felt yoga (as practiced in the US)emphasized the body too much. I explored Zen and meditation for about five years, but felt that that community didn't really believe in enlightenment. They just wanted to be good, ethical people, which is great, but you don't need spirituality for that. Or I would say that being ethical is the foundation of any spiritual practice, but if you stop there, you're missing an awful lot.

So the past few years I've been exploring nonduality, which I felt really woke me up. Ah, what a relief! No matter how good or bad things are in my life, it's good to be awake. I currently study with Fred Davis.

I look forward to getting to know you all.




I'm Mihai.

I'm recently back into this. It took a lifetime. I'm middle aged.


Introducing myself

Introducing myself

Hi. My name is Tom and I am so pleased to be introducing myself. I am interested in discussing spiritually oriented topics (particularly those that are rooted in non-dual understandings).

I have read fairly widely within the spiritual genre for over thirty years and have been especially influenced by Alan Watts, Eckhart Tolle and, quite recently, Rupert Spira (among many other authors and teachers).

Lately I have come to realize, after all these years of ignoring the body, that the body is as implicated in the spiritual process of transformation as is the mind and I have begun to, as Eckhart says, "feel the aliveness of the inner body" more readily and know now that it is definitely a "doorway into the now".

I had always unconsciously assumed that spirituality was almost exclusively a "mind thing" and paid no attention to the subtle and chronic tensions in the body that Rupert Spira has said continue to reinforce the illusion of separateness and duality even when the mind has given up the belief in duality. Thank you Rupert. You have opened up an entirely new avenue of spiritual awareness for me.

Thank you all for reading. I look forward to sharing more. If it weren't for fellow travelers on this road, there would be no awakening in the time, place and form known as Tom.

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Hello Friends

I am gachchy. I am a man of 53 years age. I have a loving wife and two children who are doing their college education. I am a Senior Officer in a reputed Organization. Life gave some big jolts during my middle ages and later I found that everything is for good. No experience goes waste, whether Good Experience or Bad Experience. All experiences have a great potential to transform one, especially those called Bad Experiences.

I love Advaita Vedanta and I will be writing mostly on Non-Duality. I have no religious inclination. I love silence. I am a peace loving guy. I don't argue much. I am happy to be here in this forum.

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Thank you for including me on your web site! I am happy to share with all of you and engage in aware and loving contact :)

Not-Two introduction

Hi all,

I haven't joined a forum in ages, so it might as well be one on Non-Duality. :)

I'm reasonably new to this, so I hope you will be patient with my questions.

Happy to be amongst other waves in the ocean. ;)

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Hi, nice forum, thanks for welcoming me as a new member, it's good to be home.

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Never not now.......

Hello to all.
I came to this site by googling 'non-dualism forum'. Very pleased to see some intelligent and considerate conversations going on. I have spent a lifetime looking at various pathless paths, always coming back to the non-dual teachings as the only ones that make any sense. So I am sitting Here, Now at my computer reaching into this forum seeking other like minds to discuss the fundamental issues of life and death. Asking what IS this? Knowing that there is no answer but asking just the same. Trying to hold the mind open with the question - keeping the door ajar.
Physically 'I' reside in Queensland, Australia. I suppose you could describe me as a semi-retired illustrator / musician although this is an obvious conceptual limitation to being.
Look forward to some interesting interactions.....