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This topic is the game, "Add Energy to our site". I'll tell you what's happening. You can tell us where you are posting our links and which friends have responded. Or if you have just discovered this site through Facebook, Twitter or another micro blogging site, please tell us how you found us.

Australian Live Broadcasts now on the Schedule sticky icon

1)  11:00 am to 6:00 pm Saturday the 17th, (Friday night in USA the 16th) day-long sitting with Isaac Shapiro.  This one will work for the west. (we are plus 17 from Chicago in NSW, you can calculate from there) should be starting at 6:00 pm to 1:00 am on Friday, with Isaac.  And for instance, 2 hours earlier in California, Friday night.

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Last link on the orange bar. Here is where you can HELP. Pass out our links to Facebook, Twitter and all the micro blogging sites that you control. Re-Tweet the NNH good news, and THANKS!

It's only been a couple of weeks and results show that somebody is participating.  

Google analytics tells a lot about this site, for instance:  Half visitors are direct traffic, which means from your own bookmark.  25% are from search engines and 25% from links out on the internet (like in Facebook or the guest teachers).

More than 3000 people come more than 15 times a month (300 people even more than 200 times, and it's not all me).  Around 2500 people come for more than 10 minutes, up to several hours.

The new "Energy Landing Pages" have 1250 opens.  Those are the pages that are all the links on the pdf, or the Energy,  (/hello and /hello2) pages. And See the Chart Belowthese are top referral sites, that I recognize as micro-blogging and I'm sure I don't recognize them all.  It means that almost 1000 actual people came into the NNH site from links on these social media sites.  

From nothing a few short weeks ago, this must be significant?  Then there are about 8,500 shorter visits, and/or even search engine spiders coming in? Please post in this forum and tell us what is happening for you.

lineup has very good

A Senna coach Wenger said, he would only in next month’s transfer market to sign the “extraordinary” player.

The Arsenal boss has given them a $30000000 capital, Newcastle striker Hill – Pakistani and United winger Nani are his transfer targets.Holland striker Huntelaar is originally one of targets, but he has just completed the supplementary contract with Schalke 04.
Wenger said: “we are in the market looking for, but only to find real to the reinforcement team player , because we have a good squad.If we find out a special player, then we will be buying it.In the face of Wigan, our offense is not smooth, but also the lack of continuity, but we managed to win the competition, this is because we all take three points will.Moreover, the current events, I won’t despise.

Victory for Vilanova

The Barcelona player Alves definitely indicated, in Barcelona coach Vilanova for the second time after the operation, the football has become a minor things.
Alves said: “we want to try my best to help him.Therefore, every victory will be dedicated to him.Football is now secondary, because Vilanova is life battle.”
In addition, when it comes to Barcelona and Real Madrid between difference, Alves said: “the gap has not used it to describe, but we still need to be maintained, because the front there are a lot of games, the league is far from over.”
Messi, Harvey and Puyol to Barcelona and renewal, Alves said happily, “I’m happy, I hope I can continue to enjoy these great moments.

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Radio show

I'm doing an internet radio show, and I also use recordings from NNH

The show is on thursdays 20.00-21.00 Cental European Time, which is 13.00-14.00 US central time


You can listen using on of these links: (winamp) (windows media player)

There is also a place to chat, you can access it through

- the main site

 - IRC on

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Sublime Retrieval

Lovingly gather all seeming parts

of your soul together again,

call them back!

Only by resting in and AS

Pure Beingness

does a seeming becoming

of this present form

occur in the highest possible way.

Dissolving, dropping

any unnecessary baggage,

karmic contracts,

once again sublimely

making you subject

to nothing outside yourself

without your conscious agreement.

Claim your ever-waiting

birthright directly NOW,

surrender the progressive path,

not needed any more,

present energies of transformation

are effortlessly assisting you in this.

Be released into free, unfettered


pure, alive Beingness,

fully present and aware.

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To all dear veiled goddesses and heros here on 'never not here' with lots of Love!

As above, so below. I AM THAT I AM. On earth, the I Am presence is veiled as a 'path,' be it linear as oftentimes for men or circular as oftentimes for women...Yet the path is THIS, too, and fully embraced and tended to each present now-moment, lights up the way through divine fusion.