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Unmani (Liza Hyde)

Recognizing who You are is the end of overlooking that which has never been anywhere but right here. The end of pretending to know or trying to know. This is absolute Not-Knowing. Forever falling in absolute insecurity.

This is what I am. I am what You are. Life itself.

Unmani points to the end of the spiritual search. Actually finding what you have been looking for. Finding that it has never been anywhere but right here. Realising the paradox of Life.

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Unmani arrives in Australia 2012

Trusting what you always already know, dying to all the "Bells and Whistles" that you are imagining.

Unmani in the flow of dialogue
Unmani unrelentingly points, life is already OK

I love this talk.  My primary recording flopped, so I am back with Blip TV and Flash movies like in 2009. 

Rats!  But we'll see if I can repair it.  It would surely be  worth it.

Unmani From the UK on October 19th 2010

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Meeting in Not-Knowing with Unmani in Amsterdam

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Unmani Meetings
This is who YOU are.

This message is very simple. It points to who you really are beyond all the words and concepts. Recognise who you are, and know that there is not, and never has been any separation.

Absolute Wholeness... Absolute Oneness...

Absolute Love...


Here are 4 meetings WebCasted in Chicago

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