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20+ Point Check List: To KNOW whether you are EVOLVING

20+ Point Check List: To KNOW whether you are EVOLVING

Evolution is all about MENTAL MATURITY and SELF REALIZATION. Please read the following in 'First Person' and answer sincerely to your Heart and see whether you are EVOLVING. YES means GOOD.

1. I am ready to ask my friends or well wishers if there is any thing that I should CHANGE or IMPROVE UPON w.r.t to my Attitude, Behaviour, Mindset etc

2. I can readily ask APOLOGIES and EXCUSES if I feel I am wrong or deficient in my dealings


4. I don't BLAME others so easily, but will only POLITELY tell them as ADVICE, if I feel they are wrong. I don't HURT anybody KNOWINGLY.

5. I INTROSPECT my THOUGHTS and ACTIONS as much as possible. I can watch my own THOUGHTS and ACTIONS as a WITNESS.

6. Many times I have LAUGHED at my own IGNORANCE

7. I realize that MATERIAL WORLD is not EVERYTHING. LOVE and PEACE are more important than MATERIAL WORLD.

8. I don't EXAGGERATE facts.

9. I am TRUE to my CONSCIOUSNESS as far as possible.

10. DEATH does not FEAR me much.


12. I don't SEEK HAPPINESS from OTHERS. I realize that my VERY nature is HAPPINESS and BLISS.

13. I am willing to HELP others without any ANTICIPATION, NAME or FAME.

14. UNRAVELING the TRUTH and REALITY behind EXISTENCE fascinate me a lot.

15. I like SILENCE and ENJOY its BLISS

16. I deploy LOGIC and REASONING and don't BLINDLY BELIEVE anything.


18. I am able to SEE my PROGRESS in my MATURITY over a period of TIME.



21. I am HUMOROUS without being SARCASTIC.

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Is your Ego ≈ 0

Is your Ego ≈ 0

(Written by me elsewhere 6 years back. I have matured a lot since then. Hence, some of the points mentioned in this post may be primitive)

The normal Ego what we encounter is the self referral mechanism which ascertain one’s supremacy over the subject concerned. The world exists in your head. The World appears the way you assume. This is called Perception. Your Ego gives birth to the world in your Head. It is ‘I ‘ (Ego) that precede the World. If ‘I’ has Zero Ego you will be like yet another furniture. This proves that Minimum Ego is essential for living.

The trouble starts with the Judgmental Attitude ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’

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10+ Points why Death is not be FEARED; Has to be faced BOLDLY

10+ Points why Death is not be FEARED; Has to be faced BOLDLY

The Greatest Puzzles of the Universe are BIRTH and DEATH. Nobody knows what the other side of Death is. Most people FEAR DEATH. Following is my opinion about Death and how we have to face the same w.r.t our own Death and our Dear and Near.

1. Death definitely creates Pain in all of us. Many of us are shattered when it happens to those who are near and dear to us. I have also faced the same situation when my mom died 25 years back. I never believed my mother could die. But reality has to be faced boldly rather than escaping. Reality cannot be changed. So, there is no alternative except to face it boldly.

2. Our Mind always lives in he Past or Future. It wants to escape the Present. This proves that we simply have no Guts to face the Present. We have to face the Present. There is no other way. There is no escape route. Let's strongly bear it in mind that we can't escape REALITY and we can't escape the PRESENT except during Deep Sleep and other unnatural means by way of shutting down our Mind. But, still we have to always come back to the Present and face it. Why not face it BOLDLY RIGHT NOW?

3. Sometimes we start enjoying SADNESS even without our knowledge. Then ENJOYING SADNESS becomes our NATURE. This is not appropriate way of Living.

4. The more we keep brooding about PAST eventualities, again and again, it creates a Strong PAIN BODY in our Subconscious Mind. The PAIN BODY will not allow us to function in a PEACEFUL MANNER and come back ferociously during LATER part of our LIFE. It is always advisable not to keep nurturing PAIN BODY more and more. Pain Body is like a Monster which will spoil everything in and around you in your routine life. Minimize your Pain Body by enjoying HAPPY MOMENTS always. Enjoy the Present HAPPY Moments to reduce your PAIN BODY BAGGAGE.

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Dare to think independently


“I maintain that Truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect. ... The moment you follow someone you cease to follow Truth.- Jiddu Krishnamurti”

We are mostly thrust with everything from the moment we are born. Our circumstances already decided. Our parentage is not in our hands. Our Nation, Color, Caste, Sex etc are not in our hands. Many of us come into a pre-molded system with little flexibility to exercise our own ideologies for a long time in our life. Only very few people transcend these limitations and venture with an Independent Thinking ability in their Life Time for taking decisions.

There is nothing in this world that doesn't need revisions. I always stand firm in my belief that anything and everything in the world need 'REVISIONS' periodically which include our Thoughts and Mindset. Life teaches us so much. We should be ready to review, revise and amend out thoughts as we learn more. There is nothing in this world which is not subject to revision. Even a car comes out with so many variants and revisions day after day. There is nothing that can not be revised, including Religions, Beliefs , Ideologies etc. Everything needs Revisions as we progress. A blockhead will only never ever revise his ideologies, behavior, actions etc. We should be willing to change our Attitude at every minute and at every learning.

Nothing is sealed once for all. One of the reason I have always disliked few religions is because there is no room for any rethinking or amending their sayings and there is no room for free thinking. Few religions and societies are fully locked. Few religions have always encouraged SEEKING as the Primary objective and encouraged them and I like them.

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Love and Fear are the Two Fundamental Principles of Existence

Love and Fear are the Two Fundamental Principles of Existence

Love and Fear are the two Fundamental Principles behind all Living Beings. Love Expands. Fear Retracts. On many occasions fear also helps us to protect us and also our dear and near. All our actions fall into either Love or Fear. This is the reason, why the smallest Ant also Loves its companions and fears when its existence is threatened.

To Love is to enjoy the beauty of existence at the Soul Level. Love creates Trust, Affection, Hope, Happiness, Friendliness, Peace, Calmness, Compassion, Desire, Serenity, Contentment, Cheerfulness, Comfort, Composure, etc. So only we are always hard wired to long for love.

Fear creates Sadness, Distrust, Hatred, Disgust, Gloom, Enmity, Worry, Aversion, Aloofness, Anxiety, Jealousy, Depression, Suffering, Anger, etc. Love creates Heaven. Fear creates Hell.

Since all our actions are based on either Love or Fear, at every moment we live either in Heaven or Hell according to our Situation or Choice. We are trapped in a Binary mode of Love or Fear either outwardly or subtly at subconscious level. This is the reason we Love the Unalloyed Bliss which occurs at our Thoughtless moments (Example when we lose our self in Deep Sleep, Absorbed in Beauty, Music, Poems, Movies etc).

At a deeper level if you see there is nothing separately called Fear. Love and Fear are two sides of the same coin. Love turned topsy-turvy is Fear. Fear exists as the flip side of Love so that we will be able to realize the beauty of Love. In truth nothing exists apart from Self and Love. To be precise, to Love and not to hate others is also in the interest of our own Happiness only. Self and Love are synonymous and are Universal criteria rather than Individual.

Those who are smart choose Love as their choice of living to the highest possible extent.

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All Thoughts may not be Perfect and Qualified ...!!!!!

All Thoughts may not be Perfect and Qualified ...!!!!!

All Thoughts may not be Perfect and Qualified. It's unwise to expect all thoughts to be perfect and qualified. Thoughts are always fluctuating and inconsistent. Thoughts can easily trespass all barriers and can exercise their supremacy at all times without our approval. All we have to do is to simply understand the Nature of Thoughts and act smartly. Please observe the following Truths about Thoughts and Mind so that we can lead a better quality of life:

1. Your Mind is already a Liberated Being. A Mind is like a free flowing River. If you fiddle your foot in a river, still the river will by pass around your foot and move ahead. Similarly all attempts to restrict or control the Mind is merely a waste attempt. All you have to do is to turn away your attention on a different idea or activity so that the old stream of thought slowly vanishes . This is like not paying attention to a barking street dog. If you also bark at the dog it will doubly bark at you. All you have to do to stop a street dog from barking at you is to simply not pay much attention to the dog and silently move away. Just like the sound of a moving music band fades away in a while from your ears, unwanted thoughts take their own recourse to disappear soon if you turn on your attention on something else.

2. Thoughts merely arise to give you a suggestion and they should be taken merely as a guidance. The action alone is under your control and not your thoughts.

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Why do Deep Thinkers speak Less?

Why do Deep Thinkers speak Less (Less here means Optimum Level Required)?

1. The more we are engaged in excessive talking, the farther we are away from Silence and Truth. Silence is the hallmark of maturity. Maturity arises always by having wide spectrum of access to worldly experiences around us especially self-knowledge. Statistics show that those who seek Enlightenment and Enlightened persons have better understanding about existence and speak less.

2. It's Jnana, the Self Knowledge that propels anyone to choose Silence over Speech on many occasions. Many problems naturally die by preferring simple Silence. By engaging in excessive talk we give life to problems which are prone to die naturally. This is why those who have Jnana speak less.

3. Deep Thinkers are always less Emotional than normal people. When emotions are less, we speak less naturally. The more our expectations, the more we talk.

4. Deep Thinkers want to be precise in their communication. The more we talk it becomes more of 'Loose Talk' and becomes deviated from the intended purpose. When we talk more we shift territories. To avoid this Deep Thinkers always stick to PRECISE COMMUNICATION.

5. Deep Thinkers know that by talking alone the LISTENER is not going to change. They know very well that it is not what you communicate alone is important, but it is more important what the listener TAKES from our communication. Deep Thinkers know very well that, if need be, the listener will come back for more clarifications if he does need more information. So deep thinkers always speak to optimum level only.

6. Deep Thinkers expect their communication to create a SPARK and PUNCH in the listener only by way of APT WORDS, PHRASES, TIMING, HUMOR and MEASUREMENT. So, DEEP THINKERS stop at the required level of communication.

7. The more we talk the CONFUSIONS will only increase more. Deep thinkers know this fact.

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Meet your Mind Series - Comic Book, Audio etc

Meet your Mind Series - Comic Book, Audio etc

Your thoughts and feelings, your joy and’s all part of your identity, of your consciousness. But what exactly is consciousness? It may be the biggest mystery left in science. And for a radio show that loves 'Big Ideas,' we had to take up the question.

In our six-hour series, you’ll hear interviews with the world’s leading experts - neuroscientists, cognitive psychologists, philosophers, writers and artists. We’ll take you inside the brains of Buddhist monks, and across the ocean to visit France’s ancient cave paintings. We’ll tell you how to build a memory palace, and you’ll meet one of the first scientists to study the effects of LSD.

How do our brains work? Are animals conscious? What about computers? Will we ever crack the mystery of how the physical “stuff” of our brains produces mental experiences?

What does science tell us about the most personal question of all:

Who am I?


The Implication of Consciousness is that there is an Interiority, And how can a physical stuff have that?

According to Sam Harris Neuroscientist and famed atheist, we could be living in a Universe where consciousness goes all the way down to the Bed Rock so that there is some interior subjective dimension to an Electron or even a chunk of silicon. But it's not easy for us to get in there and see. MAYBE NOT EVEN POSSIBLE.

Read More

I. Graphical Pdf

II. Mind and Brain - Audio


Download :

III. Memory and Forgetting - Audio


Download :

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Start Now: Simple Yoga Asanas

Start Now: Simple Yoga Asanas

There are thousands and thousands of Tutorials available in Youtube on Yoga Asanas. After going through the following materials you may subsequently search for more materials on the required subject for better learning of Yoga Asanas. Yoga is very simple to learn. There are Thousands of Yoga Postures, like one each for one Insect or Animal. You can create your own Yoga postures also.

To begin with tryout the following Video Tutorials:

Surya Namaskar

Yoga for Kids - Vol 1 (All Standing Postures)
[This also holds good not only for kids, but for people of all age]

Yoga for Kids - Vol 2 (All Sitting Postures)
[This also holds good not only for kids, but for people of all age]

Yoga for Kids - Vol 3 (All Lying Down Postures)
[This also holds good not only for kids, but for people of all age]

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LIVE STREAM & RECORDED VIDEOS - International Day of Yoga - June 21, 2017

I.LIVE STREAM & RECORDED VIDEOS- International Day of Yoga - June 21, 2017 - Live Webstream @ 7am Indian Standard Time

Live from Isha Foundation, Coimbatore, South India

Recorded Video

II. LIVE STREAM & RECORDED VIDEOS - International Yoga Day celebration in Lucknow to be attended by Indian PM Mr.Narenda Modi

The Doordarshan channel will host the live streaming of the International Yoga Day event of Lucknow, which will be attended by PM Narendra Modi and other dignitaries. The live telecast of the International Yoga Day event of Lucknow can also be watched on mobile via the Narendra Modi app. The YouTube channel of PM Narendra Modi will also live telecast the mega Lucknow event. You can watch the live streaming of the International Yoga Day event of Lucknow below:

Alternate Live Telecast in DD National @ 630 am Indian Standard Time

III.LIVE STREAM & RECORDED VIDEOS - 3rd International Day of Yoga || Saroornagar Indoor Stadium - Hyderabad, India

Recorded Video

IV. TWITTER - International Yoga Day celebrations 2017

V. 2017 - Yoga day @ Times Square, New York & elsewhere

More than 12,000 expected to practice yoga in Times Square