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No Doing, no doer, no time, no process, appearances are projected mind, connect and share what seems real for you.

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Start Now: Simple Yoga Asanas

Start Now: Simple Yoga Asanas

There are thousands and thousands of Tutorials available in Youtube on Yoga Asanas. After going through the following materials you may subsequently search for more materials on the required subject for better learning of Yoga Asanas. Yoga is very simple to learn. There are Thousands of Yoga Postures, like one each for one Insect or Animal. You can create your own Yoga postures also.

To begin with tryout the following Video Tutorials:

Surya Namaskar

Yoga for Kids - Vol 1 (All Standing Postures)
[This also holds good not only for kids, but for people of all age]

Yoga for Kids - Vol 2 (All Sitting Postures)
[This also holds good not only for kids, but for people of all age]

Yoga for Kids - Vol 3 (All Lying Down Postures)
[This also holds good not only for kids, but for people of all age]

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LIVE STREAM & RECORDED VIDEOS - International Day of Yoga - June 21, 2017

I.LIVE STREAM & RECORDED VIDEOS- International Day of Yoga - June 21, 2017 - Live Webstream @ 7am Indian Standard Time

Live from Isha Foundation, Coimbatore, South India

Recorded Video

II. LIVE STREAM & RECORDED VIDEOS - International Yoga Day celebration in Lucknow to be attended by Indian PM Mr.Narenda Modi

The Doordarshan channel will host the live streaming of the International Yoga Day event of Lucknow, which will be attended by PM Narendra Modi and other dignitaries. The live telecast of the International Yoga Day event of Lucknow can also be watched on mobile via the Narendra Modi app. The YouTube channel of PM Narendra Modi will also live telecast the mega Lucknow event. You can watch the live streaming of the International Yoga Day event of Lucknow below:

Alternate Live Telecast in DD National @ 630 am Indian Standard Time

III.LIVE STREAM & RECORDED VIDEOS - 3rd International Day of Yoga || Saroornagar Indoor Stadium - Hyderabad, India

Recorded Video

IV. TWITTER - International Yoga Day celebrations 2017

V. 2017 - Yoga day @ Times Square, New York & elsewhere

More than 12,000 expected to practice yoga in Times Square

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A few things about "beliefs and assumptions" and related matters . . .

For most of us, if not all, the "mind is as it is" and our individual identity and perceptual reality flow from such. And the fact is there are many types of minds, many combinations of attributes (flexible/rigid, conditioned/unconditioned, skeptical/gullible, knowing/not knowing, logical/illogical, etc, etc). So what, if anything, does Mind reveal about a person? And who does it really matter to. . . the one who asks . . . or the one that answers? And if they are one and the same?

More importantly, can Mind realize Self? No, it can't. Hmmm.

Within this artificial and conceptual framework of uncertainty and/or open-mindedness, consider that every embodied personality expresses beliefs and assumptions, simple or complex, from a particular point of view (including so-called sages and wisdom teachers, modern or ancient). Understand that this is the case with "you".

Of course, as an embodied personality I am not exempt. So, speaking for myself, I know beliefs and assumptions for what they are, merely beliefs and assumptions (convenient or inconvenient depending on who's talking, who's listening), . . . and what they are not . . . not truth itself, not reality.

In the spirit of discovering "what is and is not personally verifiable", consider for a moment not comparing your experience of "what is" to what you've read or have heard anyone else say about the nature of "what is", and simply notice the nature of the mind's self-talk in your own head right now, and notice what is not the narrative yet hears the narrating inner voice, formless awareness itself

Experience for yourself, or not, the ease or difficulty, clarity or vagueness, of being aware of one's perceiving, where resistance or natural flow seems to occur, how everywhere you look, every sight, sound, bodily sensation, emotion and interpretation thereof is contained within spacious awareness.

Skeptical Metaphysics

The metaphysics that I’m going to propose here has enough in common with Vedanta—as regards the most general aspects, and conclusions--that I call it a version of Vedanta. It isn’t Advaita, and I don’t know how much it has in common with the other two traditional Vedanta versions.
It’s based on the principle that all assumptions are subject to question. I try to avoid or discount assumptions (or at least state them as only assumptions when speculating), and to make only uncontroversial statements. For that reason, although the name “Skepticism” has already been taken, for a Classical Greek philosophy, I’m borrowing that name for the metaphysics that I propose.
Possibility-Worlds, Possibility-Stories:
Anything that can be said about our physical world can be said as an “if-statement”. Instead of saying that there’s a traffic-roundabout at 34th and Vine, I can say, “If you go to 34th and Vine, you’ll encounter a traffic-roundabout.”
Though declarative grammar is convenient in communication, I suggest that conditional grammar better describes out physical world. The physical worlds are “worlds of if”. (That was the name of a science-fiction magazine, but it’s a good description of our physical universe).
There’s no reason to believe that this physical world is other than a hypothetical possibility-world, a world-of-if.
To word the same thing a little differently, this physical world (and other ones) can also be described entirely in terms of hypothetical logical and mathematical relations.
Several physicists, including Michael Faraday (1844), Frank Tippler (1970s or ‘80s), Max Tegmark (recently) have pointed out that the physical world consists of logical and mathematical _relation_. …and that there’s no need to suppose the existence of actual “stuff”.

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Self Realization - A small write-up

Self Realization - A small write-up
(Wrote by me elsewhere several years back in Internet)

An unbaked mud pot can hold only least amount of water. When it is baked properly it reaches its capacity and serves its ultimate purpose. A Self Realized Being is like a Properly Baked Pot.

The two words most alien to many people, undoubtedly are Self Realization and Enlightenment. Why is it necessary to have some knowledge on these? Well! It’s up to you to decide. If you want to know something about the Truth Component of Existentiality, it is well advised at least to know something about Self Realization and Enlightenment, leave alone experiencing these wonderful states. As an ordinary human being we always feel some sort of Incompleteness. Self Realization is all about unraveling the True Nature of the Self and finding What constitutes the Universal Truth. One becomes extraordinarily matured to handle any issue as the entire universe is at his disposal.

In these days of Facebook,Twitter and Ipod Culture when our gratifications are purely sensory based, when we feel elated by acquiring hundreds of unknown faces as friends and followers, considering it as a great achievement, constantly distancing us from reality, someone having patience to read an article on Self Realization is certainly a rare phenomena.

The components of Self

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Most music worldwide has been tuned to A=440 Hz since the International Standards Organization (ISO) promoted it in 1953. However, when looking at the vibratory nature of the universe, it’s possible that this pitch isn’t actually harmonious with the natural resonance of nature and may generate negative effects on human behaviour and consciousness.

It’s said that A=440 HZ frequency music actually conflicts with some of our chakras that reside from the base of the spine to the heart. It is said that this music stimulates the ego and left-brain function, which can suppress our intuition. There are tons of conspiracies surrounding this frequency, and many seem plausible given the fact that the mainstream music industry incorporates propaganda and mind control.

432 HZ is said to be mathematically consistent with the patterns of the universe. It is said that 432 HZ vibrates with the universe’s golden mean, Phi, and unifies the properties of light, time, space, matter, gravity, and magnetism with biology, the DNA code, and consciousness. When our atoms and DNA start to resonate in harmony with the spiralling pattern of nature, our sense of connection to nature is said to be magnified. The number 432 is also reflected in ratios of the sun, Earth, and moon, as well as the procession of the equinoxes, the Great Pyramid of Egypt, Stonehenge, and the Sri Yantra, among many other sacred sites.

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Self Enquiry - The Grossly Misunderstood Term

Self Enquiry - The Grossly Misunderstood Term

I am always surprised by people's way of understanding the term 'Self Enquiry.' When Ramana asked people to perform 'SELF ENQUIRY' many people took it LITERALLY and started asking 'Who am I?','Who am I?', 'Who am I?' for ever and never focusing on THE INNER SELF. I think people have grossly misunderstood what exactly 'Self Enquiry' is. The moment we start beginning to perform 'Self Enquiry', the Self immediately eludes. As long as we keep enquiring, the SELF always evades us. SELF ENQUIRY is a PARADOXICAL term. The SELF will always elude as long as some Enquiry is there. But, how do we find the SELF without ENQUIRY? Naturally, everyone will ask, how 'NOT to ENQUIRE' and 'FIND out the SELF.' Here is the CATCH:

All you have to do is to STOP all your QUERIES and find out RUTHLESSLY what this SELF exactly is. Suddenly, we realize that this SELF is always there, like the CINEMA SCREEN, behind the MOVIES RUNNING. We suddenly come to realize that all these days we have simply taken the MOVIES to be the REALITY, whereas the SCREEN alone is really real, unchanging and ever present. Likewise, when all my THOUGHTS cease and I am STILL, I realize my SELF as a MONUMENTAL CINEMA SCREEN, in which my MIND simply runs like the EVER CHANGING SCENES. Oh! God, I just can't contain my Laugh as I now realize the Ignorance that I have been grooming all these years without ever, ever realizing this 'BEAUTIFUL SELF' that's SITTING SILENTLY in a NON JUDGMENTAL way. The one line solution to SELF REALIZATION is 'BE STILL and FIND OUT WHO AM I?' Got it?


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Two ways to Conquer Karma.....!!!!

Two ways to Conquer Karma.....!!!!

Karma is Consequences of Actions
Good Actions bring Good Results
Bad Actions inevitably result in suffering
Either in Present Life or Future Lives

Some People may say there is no Karma at all
Because there is no SEPARATE you except as IMAGINATION
If you are not SEPARATE from the WHOLE
Still, You as the WHOLE become RESPONSIBLE
Naturally Karma should prevail YOU either way as INDIVIDUAL or WHOLE

Three Karmas are Vital
Sanchita Karma - Stored Karmic Debts of Previous Births
Prarabdha Karma - Sanchita Karma in you pocket to be worked out in Present Life
Agami Karma - New karma being accumulated in Present Life

People ask 'Do Plants have Karma?"
"Do Animals have Karma?"
Embodied souls may pass through many species of life through Evolution,
But only as human beings do they accrue karma, where freewill is fully manifest
Take away Karma, together Freewill will vanish

Subconscious may be the storehouse of Karma
Karma is like an ever growing Plant
Pruning a plant will make a plant grow vigorous
Destroying roots of Plant Ego is only solution

Karma afflicts one till one identifies with' I ' (Ego)
One way to Transcend Karma is 'Self Realization'
Karmic laws then becomes redundant
No 'I' (Ego) means No Karma;
Beware, a mere Belief in above, is not your 'Self Realization.'

Good Karma will not absolve Bad Karma; Both to be accounted, experienced
Kill Ego by 100% Surrender to THE HIGHER POWER, Not 99.9% (Bhakti Marg)
Else Kill Ego by Self Realization- 'Who Am I - Consciousness'(Jnana Marg)
By these Two ways Karma can be conquered

Karma binds those who has ownership to actions
When Liberation happens you become witness to everything, including YOURS
Once liberated, your MIND merges with CONSCIOUSNESS
STILL, Thoughts and ACTIONS DO COME and GO,
But your IDENTIFICATION with them is LOST for EVER, FOR EVER.

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20+ Captivating Indian Movie Songs.....!!!!!

20+ Captivating Indian Movie Songs.....!!!!!

"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music"
~ Aldous Huxley

India and Music are closely interwoven and is an indispensable feature of Indian Culture. This is the reason, songs in Movies occupy a major role in all Indian films. Take TVs, Radios, Internet; Wedding halls, Tea Stalls, Saloons and everywhere people will be playing movie songs often. These songs give a feeling of connectedness to the listeners. As I have always liked SLOW SONGS, I present some such songs here. I have picked up these songs based on Choreography, Cinematography, Melody, Rhythm, Tempo etc of songs . All these songs invariably express Love, Affection and Emotional Bindings that are essential for a meaningful living. Listen to the songs and feel emotionally connected, if at all you like.

One surprising feature of India Movie Songs is that the MUSIC will not be of the same kind or monotonous in Nature. Each song will be of a New Kind and mostly without any similarity of the other songs. More over each and every song has a different STORY behind it. Each song is written for a specific situation in the movie. India's RICHEST MUSIC VARIETIES can be understood by listening to various Movie Songs.

Full Playlist


1) Ye Jo Des Hai Tera [Full Song] Swades
Sharukhan working in Nasa expresses his feeling of relationship towards his home country through this song. AR Rahman has scored a touching music that melts everyone's heart. This song may make some people to weep if they are away from their dear and near in a distant country.

2) Guzarish (Full Song) Ghajini feat. Aamir Khan

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Never swing to the extreme ends; choose the Middle path.....!!!!!

Never swing to the extreme ends; choose the Middle path

Nothing is sure except we know for sure that we exist as undeniable Awareness/Consciousness. All else may be our mind's, Projections, Creations and Modifications, which may look right/wrong only for the time being. Even the greatest of the greatest findings of ours may prove wrong also. If we say that Atheism is absurd, being an extreme Theist may be equally crazy. If we say religion is redundant then being non-religious may be also useless. If aggression is bad, being gentle may not be good at all times. If having rigid attitude is wrong, being too much flexible is equally bad. If being extremely dull headed is bad, being extremely active is also equally not good. If lying is bad, speaking truth may not prove good sometimes. If being Adamant is bad, being too much flexible is also not good. If being too much emotional is lousy, not being emotional at all is indigent.

I would always like to follow the Middle Path, not being so extreme in anything,(similar to Buddha's Middle way) in all my Thoughts, Actions and Deeds. This Middle Path will Translate into living in the 'ZERO' point between the cross section of X and Y axis, X and Y are the two extremes of Beliefs, Thoughts, Actions and Deeds. Never be too much stubborn in your ideologies, be it, Money Build-up, Religion, Relationships, Love, Affection, Courage, Fear, and what not, everything....!!!! Just be a witness to your own actions like reading a newspaper, but don't be uncaring also.

In short, Never swing to the extreme ends; choose the Middle path, Be Moderate in all your Beliefs, Thoughts, Actions and Deeds. This may look very simple, but unless you make it as a Policy to act in Moderation, you would always miss it very badly. All forms of extremism and fanaticism (good as well bad) are inappropriate. A Policy to live in "Moderation" may help you to EVOLVE FAST....!!!!