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No Doing, no doer, no time, no process, appearances are projected mind, connect and share what seems real for you.

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Pure Consciousness/Proto-Consciousness and Entropy may be the two sides of the same coin

Pure Consciousness/Proto-Consciousness and Entropy may be the two sides of the same coin

Pure Consciousness/Proto Consciousness (Deep Sleep) may be the Ordered state of Mind (Disorder=0) and Existence may be the Increased State of Entropy (Disorder>0). But the physical body can not have zero entropy as zero entropy for any physical system is impossible to achieve. Also it should be remembered that consciousness/Mind is not a Physical Stuff/Quantity like Brain which can have a different states of entropy. It's not possible to attribute states of Entropy to Consciousness and Mind, unlike for different States of Brain which is Physical in Nature. It should also be remembered that Entropy is only a Physical attribute and not Mental Attribute.

Everyone is Absolutely Unique, but Everyone's Consciousness is Uniform. There are no two typical persons in existence. Everyone differ from another in multiple aspects like thoughts, action, feelings, emotions etc. Even though everyone share the same atomic, molecular, DNA and fractal geometry, no two person share the same behavior, thoughts, emotions, feelings etc. The mental faculties may be almost similar, but the content, degree, magnitude, nature etc are always different. This is not a trivial matter to neglect. When there are no two persons sharing A to Z same characteristics what may be the secrecy behind the creation. Creations itself is absolutely unique in nature. Time always flows from Past to Future. There are no two same moments. This shows that change and differences are fundamental in Nature.

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Logical Explanation of SAT-CHIT-ANANDA(EXISTENCE-CONSCIOUSNESS-BLISS)by Swami Sarvapriyananda from Swami Vidyaranya's Panchadasi

Logical Explanation of SAT-CHIT-ANANDA (EXISTENCE-CONSCIOUSNESS-BLISS) by Swami Sarvapriyananda from Swami Vidyaranya's Panchadasi

Swami Sarvapriyananda explains Point #3 to Point #10 of the work- Panchadasi by Swami Vidyaranya with Logical Reasoning and Excellent Metaphors:

Listen to Swami Sarvapriyananda's Logical Reasoning below:

3. The objects of knowledge, viz., sound, touch, etc., which are perceived in the waking state, are different from each other because of their peculiarities; but the consciousness of these, which is different from them, does not differ because of its homogeneity.

4. Similar is the case in the dream state. Here the perceived objects are transient and in the waking state they seem permanent. So there is difference between them. But the (perceiving) consciousness in both the states does not differ. It is homogeneous.

5. A person awaking from deep sleep consciously remembers his lack of perception during that state. Remembrance consists of objects experienced earlier. It is therefore clear that even in deep sleep ‘want of knowledge’ is perceived.

6. This consciousness (in the deep sleep state) is indeed distinct from the object (here, ignorance), but not from itself, as is the consciousness in the state of dream. Thus in all the three states the consciousness (being homogeneous) is the same. It is so in other days too.

7. Through the many months, years, ages and world cycles, past and future, consciousness is the same; it neither rises nor sets (unlike the sun); it is self-revealing.

8. This consciousness, which is our Self, is of the nature of supreme bliss, for it is the object of greatest love, and love for the Self is seen in every man, who wishes, ‘May I never cease to be’, ‘May I exist forever’.

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10 Important Advices for My Aging Self.....!!!!!

10 Important Advices for My Aging Self .....!!!!!

At 56 I am feeling my Body and Mind (Brain) Aging. Here, are some advices for my own Self :

1) Be financially self dependent in your final years. Don't depend on your children to manage last years of your life. If you are a Pensioner you are on a safe boat. Else, plan and save enough for your last part of life. This is one of the reasons why many oldsters don't give away their savings and properties to their children till their last breath. This is perfectly a genuine concern. When you don't have money, naturally you lose respect. More often, even with money you are bound to lose respect. This is quite natural.

2) As we age, we become a burden for our children. Our longevity increases due to improvement in medical science, but longevity does not mean a Quality Living. This in turn puts lots of burden to our children Financially, Physically and Mentally. We have to accept that we become a burden as we become aged sooner or later.

3) As we age, our Physical and Mental sharpness become dull. At certain point of time in our old age we become useless to our children and our advices are no more useful for them. Our advices may become irrelevant in the current world situation. This is the tipping point from where no one will seek our advice due to our mental faculties becoming blunt. We are naturally bound to lose respect. As you become aged, please understand this, become subdued and behave accordingly. As we become aged we become useless like a barren tree which do not yield any fruits.

4) Ego is really bad. Especially, for the old people ego is doubly bad. Shed your ego totally as you become more and more aged. Don't expect other to agree with you. Expect the unexpected.

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10+ Blissful Veena and other Instrumental Music...!!!!!

10+ Blissful Veena and other Instrumental Music...!!!!!

Veena is the most ancient string instrument of India. It is one of the three principal musical instruments mentioned in the vedic literature, the other two being the venu (flute) and Mrindanga. Veena is considered to be a divine instrument and in Hindu mythology, Gods and Goddesses are often depicted as playing on and enjoying its sweet melodies. In pictures, Goddess Saraswati can be seen holding Veena in her hand at all times. Veena produces music that can bring Peace and Bliss to our Mind.

For centuries over, veena is considered as a divine instrument and playing veena is considered to be a yoga. Yagjavalkya Maharishi observed that

Veena vadana tatvagjah Srutijaati Visarathah |

Talagjascha$prayatnena mokshamargam sa gachchati ||

In short, it means, salvation or liberation can be attained effortlessly by playing veena.

The word veena nowadays has come to mean the Sarasvati veena, the most important instrument of the Carnatic music sphere. Veena produces all the gamakas or graces of Indian Music. Both the Lakshya and Lakshana forms of music are possible in veena playing. The epitome of veena playing is the Tanam, and veena has few equals in this particular forte. Listening to tanam playing on veena is a unique experience. Further, the presence of frets enables the production of music of highest purity, even in high-speed brigas, which can be achieved by sincere and dedicated practice.

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A story of Loss of Self, Loss of Meaning . . .

As the action figure Tony, I look at the world, the sky above, the earth below, sidewalks, buildings, pedestrians, cars, trains and planes coming and going, and everywhere, invisible empty space contains it all.

I am surrounded by spacious emptiness. I walk from here to there through emptiness. And at the macro level, earth, moon, planets, solar system, stars, galaxies all exist within emptiness. And at the micro level of the very, very small, atoms and sub-atomic particles, emptiness is ever present.

Emptiness penetrates action-figure Tony as if he weren't there, moving through him effortlessly . . . as effortlessly as Tony moves through it, inhaling emptiness, exhaling emptiness with every breath and step.

And in this recognition (spaciousness of spaciousness, emptiness of emptiness, awareness of awareness) something apparently happens . . . a dissolving of self, the personal identity. And feelings of "missing", "sadness", "poignancy", "fear" even, arise one after the other at the tectonic realization of loss of self, loss of meaning.

Who or what experiences this "loss"? Not awareness. Not emptiness. Not spaciousness. It is evaporating "self" telling itself the story of Loss that senses something amiss.

Without a breathing living sense of separate "self" and the continual stories detailing "me" and "my life", I am without memory, without meaning, without humanity. I am No one. I am Nothing. This is so . . .

I am dissolving. . . right in front of these lying eyes . . .


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"Getting Beyond Conceptual Understanding to Experiential Understanding (Awareness of Awareness) . . . ?"

Initially, the words "awareness awakens to itself" or "what is" awakens to "what is" . . . almost make sense to Mind . . . but not quite. What do they mean, it wonders, and what are they referring to?

First, understand that to fully explore "awareness awakening to itself, etc", one has to personally experience and recognize "experiential awareness" for what it is and isn't. Meaning, without basic experiential (nonconceptual) understanding one remains ensnared and bedazzled by "intellectual knowing, conceptual knowledge". (The fact is, Mind cannot think or reason its way to Awareness.)

So how does one realize this basic experiential nonconceptual understanding? Well, as Nisagardatta Maharaj points out (herein paraphrased), "The very act of perceiving reveals I am, you are, we are not what is perceived." (In other words, experiential awareness is innate in the act of perceiving.)

However, I'm not going to explain or analyze the meaning of Nisagardatta's words for you here but only suggest . . . a mental pause . . . between "thinking" about a response to his words and "directly perceiving" Awareness. (Remember, the "reveal" occurs in the moment of perceiving, not in 'thinking about' what is perceived.)

So, if you hear thoughts in your head right now then note you are not these thoughts. If you feel bodily sensations right now, realize you are not these bodily sensations. You are That which is Aware of them . . . ever present Awareness unnoticed by Mind. (If this sounds a bit abstract, than it is, but what's referred to is living presence itself.)

Right now you are either "aware of awareness itself" or "querying what awareness is suppose to feel like, look like", etc, etc, etc. (In other words, still mired in Mind.)

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A Story of Thinking Mind, Awareness and Awakening to "what is" . . .

Awareness is aware of "Thinking Mind". Thinking Mind is NOT aware of Awareness. However, because Thinking Mind can think about awareness it believes it is Awareness. It isn't.

Thinking Mind is only the means of creating and maintaining the "mind-created-story-of-me". Thus, Thinking Mind mistakes the "mind-created-story-of-me" as "Authentic Self". It is not.

So what's going on? Firstly, Awareness is formless and silent. And Thinking Mind is reflexively fearful of such silence for in that silence there is no identity, no story of Self. But with the act of "thinking" the "me-identity" blossoms into existence and Thinking Mind believes, "These are my thoughts, therefore, I exist. I am."

So Thinking Mind, creator of personal identity (Self) compulsively "thinks" all day long as an unconscious defense to dispell inner silence and "confirm" its Existence as Self. And on those rare occasions when Thinking Mind quiets, however that happens, Thinking Mind feels like "I disappeared", . . . but then with the very next thought believes, "I'm back! Oh joy!"

So from one perspective, thoughts and concepts, though formless, are 'mental objects' that for Thinking Mind Evidence "I am." And in the absence of such evidentiary thoughts, "I" disappears. Thus for Thinking Mind, "thinking" proves "I am", that "I" exist.

However, even though Thinking Mind and Awareness are formless, Awareness doesn't require an Identity to Evidence its Existence, only awakening to itself.

And how does this Awakening (Recognition) happen? First, because no Identity is required, it's pretty straightforward. The issue of awakening is "reframed", that is, it's not Awareness that awakens to itself . . . but that "what is" awakens to "what is." This is a shift in perspective.

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This 45 page book can transform anyone - If the Reader is ready (ripe enough) to realize the Ultimate Truth. Read 4 - 5 Times.

This 45 page book can transform anyone - If the Reader is ready (ripe enough) to realize the Ultimate Truth. Read 4 - 5 Times the main contents very Attentively and Slowly.

Those who have already realized the Ultimate Truth can verify the same through this book.

Atma Darshan At The Ultimate & Atma Nirvriti (Freedom and Felicity in the Self) - 1955
by Sri Krishna Menon

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Interested Readers may also download other works of Atmananda Krishna Menon in the following link:

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There is no ME except as a THOUGHT

There is no ME except as a THOUGHT

Pl. Click and see the following Image:

The 'Me' functions only with 'THOUGHTS' as locus. Remove the Thoughts, there is no 'ME'. But, You still exist as 'PURE AWARENESS' even when there are no thoughts. One can experience this Pure Awareness in states like Deep Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Samadhi, etc.

This Pure Awareness is the Universal Self. PURE AWARENESS HAS NO 'ME' COMPONENT. This Pure Awareness is all that exists, YOU, ME, DOGS, CATS, UNIVERSE, STARS, GALAXIES etc.

From the PURE AWARENESS the whole existence springs up. There is no 'ME' in reality. The 'ME' is only an 'EGO SELF,' a 'GRAND ILLUSION.' When the 'ME' vanishes simultaneously the 'WORLD' also VANISHES, which is also manufactured by the THOUGHTS through our FIVE SENSES.

SELF is REAL, other than it, all is fancy ~ From Tattva Bodha by Adi Shankara

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Define: Pure Consciousness

Define: Pure Consciousness

The teacher proceeds to give several such pointers to help Asvalayana, the meditator, to recognize that innermost objectless Pure Consciousness within oneself. That Pure Consciousness is virajam, visuddham, visadam and visokam.

1.virajam - untainted by the agitations of the mind and disturbances of the intellect.
2.visuddham - It is absolutely Pure, Being the Whole, ONE without a second. It has nothing other than itself, and hence it is absolutely pure.
3.visadam - It is absolutely clear, being ONE which illuminates everything else.
4.visokam - It is absolutely free from any sorrow or grief, being independent of one’s mind.

Further, it is:

1.achintyam - It is not an object of thought. It is beyond the reach of thoughts.
2.avyaktam - It is not an object recognizable by senses
3.anantaroopam - Its form is endless and unlimited, being in everything and everywhere at all times in Unmanifest state.
4.sivam - It is ever-auspicious, Absolute Happiness
5.prasantam - It is Absolute Peace, being ever-quiet, alert and vigilant
6.amrutam - It is ever-Immortal, never subject to change, never subject to time
7.brahmayonim - It is the very womb (source) of The Creator, meaning, It is the cause for this entire creation; the first cause; the cause for the cause.
8.aadi madhya antha viheenam - It is without any beginning, middle or end, being infinite in all dimensions
9.ekam - It is ONE without a second.
10.vibhum - It is all-pervading. It is everywhere, in everything.
11.chidanandam - It is Total Awareness, Pure Consciousness, The Pure SELF, whose very nature is Absolute Bliss
12.aroopam - It is Formless, Limitless
13.adbhutam - It is Wonder beyond all description
14.Uma sahaym, parameswaram - It is also Uma and Parameswara together, prakriti and purusha together, The Manifest and Unmanifest together