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No Doing, no doer, no time, no process, appearances are projected mind, connect and share what seems real for you.

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Consciousness may be Neither Internal nor External, but the Only Thing - Everything

Consciousness may be Neither Internal nor External, but the Only Thing - Everything

If consciousness is Internal only, the External Things fall out of its ambit. So is the case, if it is External only and it becomes vice-versa. The question of Internal or External does arise only after Manifestation occurs. What consciousness may be is like something even prior to Manifestation, like a proto-unmanifest state. It may be something like Consciousness a Grand cosmic simulator, which creates everything in its domain as anything and everything. Assume like, consciousness Dreams/Simulates/creates everything as manifestation. Logically speaking how can there be something without Imagining. So, to create something everything has to be Dreamed/Imagined. For lack of words we are compelled to use the word Dreamed/Imagined. Secondly, to Dream or Imagine 'IT' has to be Intelligent. Hence, Consciousness may be the cosmic Intelligence, the sole creator of everything in it's Realm. Even if we assume that everything has come out of Nothing, that Nothing has to be something. We are always LOST in words like, Nothing, Something, Everything etc. Let's not attach importance to WORDS. Words are mere approximation of even a Greater Truth which is inexplicable.

Science always relies on Proofs. How to go about proving the above facts? Probably, a part can never comprehend the whole and it is impossible also. It's something like, you can never lift your own self (whole) using your own hands (Parts). Godel's Incompleteness Theorem is perfectly applicable in this case. Anything said or spoken or written will always remain partial and limited. As Consciousness is Limitless for our present configuration and dimension, it may remain beyond our comprehension and understanding FOR EVER, FOR EVER AND FOR EVER.

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A Story of Pristine Awareness . . .

Awareness is pristine. Meaning nothing adheres to it, no thought, image, sound, odor, taste, or bodily sensation. Thus not directly recognizable.

Awareness is frictionless, resisting nothing. No thought, action, occurrence, or consequence. As such, there is no resistance to living, dying, or any so-called state of being.

So if "I", as a "spiritual seeker", expect awareness to reward inquiring and seeking by self-announcing, "Here I am!" This doesn't happen. Pristine awareness is ever present, thus no need for announcing the obvious.

Because no "I" exists in the emptiness between thoughts, "I" cannot find or lose awareness. There is only silent awareness . . . and, of course, the contents of awareness.

Pristine awareness does not stop mind seeking enlightenment, or any other conceptual insufficiency mind believes needs improving. As such, arguments for or about awareness are as meaningless or as meaningful as an illusory thinker thinks they are.

However, awareness awakening to itself (like right now?), naturally ceases seeking (if only for a seeming moment) and conscious awareness naturally illuminates. And in this shift of perspective, this apparent movement from dimness to clarity, there is no departing from any starting-point or arriving at any end-point, there is simply everchanging form and abiding pristine awareness.

Thus, awareness awakening to itself is not about an "I" or "Me" finding or experiencing awareness but simply a matter of Being consciously aware now. Pristine awareness is so effortless mind can't grasp it. Meaning there is no witness, just impersonal witnessing. Experiencing this understanding sometimes terrifies, sometimes liberates. And sometimes nothing seems to happen at all.

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Existence may be a Cleverly Designed Fun Drama....!!!!!

Existence may be a Cleverly Designed Fun Drama....!!!!!

Look at existence sharply

Looking at existence sharply, we can conclude that existence may well be a mere fun drama. There is no bigger purpose for existence except as a Fun. You are born. Do some gimmicks in life. You are gone for ever. What else is this except a Fun? Does existence seek your permission to unfold? Do the flowers seek your permission to bloom? Life is so serious for many people. But it need not be the case. We should learn to accept life as it comes. Accepting life as it comes doesn't mean that we don't show resistance to the happenings. To resist is also a part of acceptance. It's well known that every living being seeks Happiness. We are hard wired to seek happiness. We should be active in life, but also learn to observe the life passively as it unfolds out of our bounds. Sometimes we should learn to be a passive spectators in life. Life may be a perpetual game for us. We may come and play for infinite number of times in different bodies and with different roles. Once, this is firmly grasped in mind we will never fret and fume when life takes a quarter turn.

Life is Designed to be Conflict Ridden

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How is Bliss Experienced?

How is Bliss Experienced?

The state where Knower, Knowing and Known merge into one, the state of Bliss is experienced. This state is unintentionally experienced by all of us during Deep Sleep. The same state is experienced for a short time when we are immersed in Nature's Beauty, Music, Paintings, Movies, Sports, Dancing, Singing, Praying God, Daydreaming, Boozing, Sex, etc. During such states the Subconscious Mind is still active without our explicit awareness even though the Conscious Mind is put to complete rest as in the case of driving a car without any conscious awareness. Such a state can also be experienced in Deep Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Samadhi etc by yet another way.

During the normal waking state, consciousness is realized through the faculty of Mind as Thoughts and as Conscious Mind/Awareness (Absence of Thoughts in Consciousness). Conscious Mind without thoughts is still a form of Mind only. But, during the state of Bliss, the Mind merges with Consciousness and becomes one with it as Undifferentiated Oneness called Bliss. It should also be remembered that Consciousness and Thoughts are like Ocean and Waves and they are not separate from each other except that Thoughts are manifestations happening in Consciousness. When the Mind shuts down all the activities of the Conscious Mind temporarily, Consciousness realizes its Very Nature and becomes the Very Bliss, its True Nature as mentioned in the above Instances. This State of merging is described in various Religious Texts as the Soul losing in its own self and can also be termed as complete union with the Supreme.

This in turn can substantiate the theory that Seer, Seeing and the Seen are part of one single undifferentiated Consciousness only. CONSCIOUSNESS alone may be Real and our Births and Deaths may be temporary Episodes/Stories as Fun Dramas called LIFE.

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Sometime we may have to become Mute Spectators....!!!!!

Sometime we may have to become Mute Spectators....!!!!!

INTUITION is a Great Gift. INTUITION is always gained after multiple experiences in Life as revelations. I have always noticed people having tremendous Intuition who can foresee the future outcome in an excellent way, simply by analyzing the given parameters of the imbroglio. Many times in, Office, Family, Known Circles, etc we may come across a startling revelation as intuition in us or others, how the end results of a situation would be. It should also be born in mind that all INTUITIONS need not be CORRECT. After all, INTUITION is nothing but, jumping 10 steps ahead instantaneously, working out the final outcome with the WISDOM gained over multiple experiences in our life time.

1. In spite of our strong advice or suggestions people who are made up of INSTINCT, INEXPERIENCE and ADAMANT Character won't hear or heed any of our views.

2. INSTINCT NATURE is the Hallmark of IMMATURITY and can be ascertained with Adamancy and RIGID Attitude. INTUITION bears the signature of MATURITY and FLEXIBILITY.

3. Instinctive people are somewhat STAUNCH whereas intuitive people are mostly polite and tell everything merely as advise.

4. Instinctive people may have the attitude of, 'I know everything,' whereas intuitive people may have the attitude of,'I tell everything to the Best of Knowledge, Belief and Understanding.'

5. Instinctive people usually refrain from consulting others before taking crucial decisions, whereas intuitive people usually consult close people before taking any crucial decisions.

6. Instinctive people are highly emotional and Intuitive people are mostly calm, composed and SLOW TO REACT.

7. Activities of instinctive people will be like taking a bowl full of BOILING HOT WATER in hand and inverting it immediately without ever thinking about the consequences.

We should be able to clearly differentiate INSTINCT from INTUITION.

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Ever notice how "personal me" never recognizes "impersonal awareness" . . . ?

"I" used to expect I'd witness no-self as a personal me witnessing no-self.

"I" used to believe I'd actually be able to conceptually experience nonconceptual understanding.

"I" truly didn't get that self as impersonal awareness is selfless.

"I" really didn't understand the inevitability of the absence of "me" (temporarily or otherwise) on this journey of awareness awakening to itself.

How terrifying! How dreadful! How scary the loss of personal self! How very much not bliss, not equanimity!

So, no false promises here.

However, seeing is freeing, if not always apparent.

And yes, "seeing is freeing" is also mental mirage.

In other words, distinguishing "rope from snake", is usually dependent on how dim or bright the light of awareness appears in the moment.

And, however labeled . . . "rope", "snake" or "me", mind never recognizes impersonal awareness because impersonal awareness is formless and silent.

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Life becomes wonderful when WITNESSING your own Thoughts and Actions Happen...!!!!!

Life becomes wonderful when WITNESSING your own Thoughts and Actions Happen...!!!!!

There is a state when CONSCIOUSNESS takes up the throne and sits silently. This is the state of SELF REALIZATION and WITNESSING happens simultaneously. It is not Consciousness that witnesses, but the Mind transforms itself to the position of witnessing its own Thoughts and Actions. We must understand that THINKING and WITNESSING can not happen simultaneously. This means that whenever THOUGHTS subside the MIND assumes the position of a WITNESS. We realize the fact that NO THOUGHTS ARE PERMANENT. All thoughts are transitory and hence they can not be real. An IRREVERSIBLE REALIZATION happens in us so that the SELF takes charge, realization happens in the MIND and the MIND gets PERMANENTLY Transformed. Ego is LOST. More often you like SILENCE. MIND permanently bows down to the MIGHTY SELF.

This is the state of SELF REALIZATION, when the MIND realizes its LIMITATIONS, WILLINGLY SHEDS its DUBIOUSNESS, becomes SUBDUED, longs to MERGE with the CONSCIOUSNESS whenever possible, (MIND) becomes one with CONSCIOUSNESS and BECOMES BLISS, the original nature of CONSCIOUSNESS aka SELF. One becomes ONE with the the SELF. Life becomes wonderful as WITNESSING Happens then (in the mind). You are no more a DOER. You become a WITNESS to your own THOUGHTS and ACTIONS. You realize that EVERYTHING HAPPENS THROUGH YOU, NOT BY YOU (also in others). This is the state of LEGITIMATE IRRESPONSIBILITY called ENLIGHTENMENT.

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Even "I am" goes . . .

The sense of embodied self arises from bodymind's sensory ground of being. The story of me arises from thinking mind's interpretation of sense data.

When mind quiets . . . the Story of self ("me") disappears, while the Sense of self ("impersonal awareness") remains.

Seeing "mind" from impersonal awareness is usually insightful.

For example, it's mind that utters "I am" . . . not impersonal awareness. There is no "I am seeing", "I am feeling", "I am hearing", "I am tasting", "I am smelling", only "seeing", "feeling", "hearing", "tasting" and "smelling".

And even "tasting", "smelling", "seeing, "feeling", "hearing", seen as mental constructs, disappear in silent awareness as well.

The thing is, there's no need to aspire to or to achieve any special state of being or special state of mind to realize this. Silent awareness is inseparable from the sensory ground of being.

And every description, explanation, statement, assumption, belief, rumination, contemplation, reflection, etc, etc, etc about pure awareness is mind activity, not conscious awareness. And mind activity simply begets more mind activity ad infinitum.

You know this because you see it every moment of every minute of every hour of every day of your embodied existence. You see it right now.

So don't overly fret about clarity, awakening, enlightenment, pure awareness, Brahman/not-Brahman, reality-illusion. Stay with seeing. See what comes and goes. See what remains. See what is changeless.

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"Not existing as a separate self; knowingly existing as awareness?"

There is the embodied sense of self and there is the conceptual story of individual self. They are not the same.

The embodied sense of self is impersonal. The story of individual self is the story of "me."

The sense of embodied self arises from the bodymind's sensory ground of being. The story of me arises from thinking mind's interpretation of the sensory data.

When mind quiets, and there is inner stillness, the story of self ("me") disappears, while the sense of self ("impersonal awareness") remains.

As such, the sense of self does not (need to) disappear, only the story of "me" seen through.

This is self-verifiable.

Seeing is freeing.