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Recent forum comments mused why Ramana and Nisargadatta died of cancer. Personal health definitely fires up the mind to thinking, "it shouldn't oughta be this way". Does any non-dual wisdom filter into health?

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Non-duality's relevance to Health sticky icon

Let's call it a Western Health Bias. We live in a time of radical shifts in "health knowledge". What was in vogue yesterday is no longer honored, and who's to say that what we believe today will not be quickly out dated. Yet traditional societies lived in stable health paradigms for 1000's of years, and even now small populations live long and disease free lives in many parts of the world. Something must be missing in the formula of modern society.

It is easy to notice that we live in an "additive culture". We are used to searching for something to put in-or-on a condition. It never crosses our mind to take something out of the formula. We may have heard people say that resentment, anger and fear, or eating industrialized or fast foods, chemical food additives, pesticides in food, artificial sweeteners, etc. etc. etc. up to countless modern-day life style choices, cause cancer. But who would ever do a comprehensive test on it? Who would get it passed by the FDA? There is nothing to patent. There is nothing to put on the shelf of your drug store, nothing to run million dollar advertising campaigns about. A doctor won't say, "go home and throw up, and don't eat that crap anymore." Even the government won't promulgate this type of "native intelligence" because it will create a black hole in the economy of our additive culture.

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Significance of Time in our search

We have so easy access to so much material...that in reality our own search is never on.

Once we are thus hooked, the symptoms get so acute that we start ingesting more of what we want or prefer from these contents even if the writer means wholly other wise.

For inatnce or suppose while we are currently believers in non dualists.. if someone acknowledged comes and speaks about duality ...suddenly our own non duality..oneness starts to accomidate duality ..and if continued we are convinced that we didn't believe in non duality fully at any point of time,and what we believed accomidated both ..even before. And we justify to ourselves by thinking our "talk" has got richer and we are "open".

In reality right from the beginning we neither believed in non duality or duality .we only outsourced our search our own investigation.

Can we admit into this?

Only those who want to make a living need to brand a particular line of thoughts for packaging and related purposes...we need not.

When our own search is on ..the first symptom is we get more quiet.for we begin to actually see the complexity....for ourselves.

Then what we share and seek from others also seems more pragmatic. I mean duality real or non dualRight..Is it any way in reality useful?In This communication it is implied we are buddhas ..been there seen it and therefore the phony discussion is authoritative..OR...we are in the business of running retreats.

Right.. any way accommodating time in our investigation of things seems to have a key significance.

We read some where may be someone like wei wu wei(who was my great grandfather) talks about time in such a way so as to mean it doesn't exist.

But only if we accomidate time in the understanding of things..then can we come to see that what's happening is a happening ...which is what wei wu wei himself repeatedly points to.

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Sensation perception and thought

Logically when we look at a letter
Say on a sign board ...the light from it reaches our eye...a sensation...which is then perceived as a particular alphabet...
And if it is a series of letters forming a sentence we also understand its meaning and if required thinking further takes place.


Now what is it then ..that we are really aware of? That there is a letter on the sign board(object)is our inference based on...starting with our sensation(s).

If we can truly investigate into it..we will find that it is indeed so. Let us not congest ourselves whether there is an external reality or not at the initial stages...but let us at least be clear..that what we are directly aware of at any point of time is our mind itself.eye..nose..thinking..feeling...

U can call it consciousness ..u can call it sensation...u can call it mind..intelligence...

When sensations are automized we get our typical adult. He or she doesn't need to read entire sentences focusing on each letter...he can glance and sail through.

That is the whole process from sensation to perception to thought is automized and carried out so quickly we don't notice it.

On the other hand the secret behind various concentration exercises is deautomization..that is bringing the adult mind back to its innocence...raw sensuality..which children have.


The commonly so called Enlightenment or satori experiences are usually these deautomized moments.u hear the birds chirping...raw sensation..without a thought...

In that sound if u carefully investigate...that sound which is just open...not outside or inside anything...ur personality seems to dissappear.there is just that sound.

Therefore further craving for more of such deautomized moments.

Most of our thinkers also seem to somehow point towards the same. Stop in the moment ...realise what is...

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Can we look at conditioning

Imagine two people inside a room.x &y...or
Melanie and ai. (See it rhymes..)or may be Marcus and ai...because Marcus thinks his guru is the first to point out anything and everything.(no I just like to irritate my elder bro)

Suddenly madam realises there's a bomb fixed and its about to explode anytime. She communicates it to ai...who realising it to be so..jumps out even before Melanie who eventually follows.

But suppose...only Melanie jumps out ..and ai though hearing what Melanie has communicated ..doesn't. What could it imply...

Several things may mean..we in fact can never conclude...but relevant to this post is ...that ai while hearing it hasent understood it in all its depth or implications what u will..and hence no action took place.

Honest introspection or analysis..could reveal that if not most of us maybe a majority of us(me included..) Are cought up in such superficial understanding...infact addicted to it..never take anything to its depth..because hey ...if we question ourselves whether theres been any action...or transformation that has taken place in our lives after years of "awareness" "pure consciousness" and what not..the reply is only to the degree that we would want ourselves to believe after a hard bit of convincing and nothing of the sort when ai jumped when melaine said ...there's a bomb.!!!!

Now that would be something wouldn't it???

That's missing guys. Because we are more like intellectual snobs or like the emperor without clothes. Hello hello here's my latest superficial take ..where's urs...let's feel good and also let's argue at times and commend each times.

Are u getting my swing...boys..girls???what iam trying to say..?

Maybe intellectual get together needs to be redefined. Limits could be to help each other understand ...including ourselves to see whether there is any conditioning in our lives...whether if it is a fact. And that's about it.




Past: I have had a serious health issue since the 1990’s. I saw what was a tendonitis transform into arthritis and leukemia over the years. Recently I had a bone marrow transplant with great success. The transplant also cured the arthrisis and for the first time in more than 20 years I could walk like a normal person and even run. Wow. And all the doctors said the bones were fused.

Health Problem. It came back but under a different form. The new immune system attacking the lungs. Result: No lungs left, unable to walk, even more so that before. But now death is much closer since with these lungs I’m way more disabled, and at risk.

Problem or Illusion? :
I have tried over the last 2 years the passive non-dualistic way and I have accidentally uncovered layers of beleifs etc, that made me more relaxed and calm. Non-Dual 'Love' relieves all fear and stress. But the lungs do not improve.

MY dilemma:
The non-dual life I’m experiencing is too passive, I’m lazy, and most unusually very neutral, I mean no desires. No desires, no need for money, no need for anything much. No need for food. What keeps me eating is a newly developed stomach ache. As a result, I don’t take care of myself well.

Healing, seems, demands some physical work and work at the belief & emotional levels. Physical work without some serious motivation is impossible at this moment.

A couple of nights ago I felt very empty. No desire at all. No appreciation for beauty at all. Nothing. It felt weird and scary. There was no joy, no love and no direct connection to anything even me. No hate, no dislike. No attraction.

I'm not sure what/how to do.
1. Ignore non-dual when working for health.
2. Ignore health and live for 'now'

Issue - I'm running out of time ($avings)

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Nothing really matters!

''Personal health definitely fires up the mind to thinking, "it shouldn't oughta be this way". Does any non-dual wisdom filter into health? ''

Non-dual wisdom essentially is that which makes a massive difference in how we handle the stress in our life, when it comes to our health for sure, definitely non -dual wisdom helps us to come to terms with adversities and grief.

We cannot change what happens to us, but we can change how we react to it.

Our bodies can be in a really unhealthy state while at the same time our mind can be totally sound, content and fearless. But not everyone will agree with that of course. But, I'm in the mindset of nothing really matters. What ever will be will be, we have no control.

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What is death?

We talk about death as if it actually existed, yet no one has ever experienced it.

Where does the consciousness that was once a person go when the body is lifeless.

Any thoughts?

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The Right To Die

I have been answering questions on Facebook.

THIS QUESTION CALLED ME into deepest sincerity, compassion and honesty as I could imagine. It was emailed to me last week. Even though I stayed up all that night to write it immediately, I have sat with it for some days.

First I'll bring you up to speed if you haven't been following us. The writer refers to what we have been saying below. We have been using the term "verbal container" in several posts below. We could also say verbal context, or perspective, or belief structure, or world view, or mind-set, and they all refer to what we say to ourselves and to others. We say it either consciously in words, or unconsciously in mimicked beliefs. 

We have been proposing that no thought, no action or feeling can be more wide sweeping, than the verbal container that it is held in. So if you want to change something, look to change its container first. We are pointing toward the simplicity of this, not to complexity or to "another philosophical layer".

This question I found gut wrenching, and I stand in absolute AWE. First is the background leading up to the question.


Thank you for your words on Facebook regarding “I am doing more and more writing”. You talked about suicide and the comment someone from France made, regarding the ’right to death’. You used suicide as an example of life being couched in a verbal container. It's so true. 

Want to stay in Sacramento

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Marc Newkirk, Stress that is not discharged becomes part of our "Identity"

After setting some background on the reality of para-normal experiences this talk discusses the mechanism of our communication with our own body and the cells in our body.  This communication takes presidence over the DNA, which is just the tendancy or potential for cell reproduction.  He defines stress as un-discharged negative thoughts.  Since they are still active in our system, they become part of our identity.  It is this identity that instructs the renewal of our cells, and when it is warped (by what we usually call conditioning), that is reflected in an aged and sickened body.  It is a pretty radical "responsibility" for our condition, and not that difficult to imagine improving.


Here are some radio show audio links with Marc