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Elle Collier Re

In this Gatework, we are immersed in the divine theme of Being, and taught to live in a way that is Divinity reliant and at-one with the Core Self ... the God-Essence within. The awakened individual is freed of negative concepts and able to live in interactive communion to the Whole.

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In a True Meeting what appears

There is great power in truly meeting another.  But we have imposed barriers between us, perhaps in the grappling of our expression of individuality?   Up until now we're only partly conscious of each other. What happens when for a moment we drop all barriers?  Maybe in our deepest heart it's what we yearn for, to share the gift of our self/essence.   Then what we wish to receive from the other is simply ‘them’. 
This meeting with Elle Collier Re has been a real holiday gift for me.  I hope that you will find it as my holiday gift for you.  I believe that it is something very special.  Reenah Sun

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