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Margot Ridler

There is incredible wonder and delight in living life without having mind involved.

Margot Ridler

You see, the greatest lie ever believed is that there is such a thing as a person, a personal I, an individual self, a me, a you, a we, an us, a them. It is a lie. And it is this people are waking up to, all in their particular way, so that the mystery of life can finally be revealed and life lived fully, once and for all, through every single - what is commonly known as a - human being.

I stumbled over many aspects during my four year process I wished someone would have written about. It is especially those pieces that will be addressed in my talks and shared on this website. Mostly what wants to be communicated is that "waking up" and "being awake" is nothing extra-ordinary. It is how human beings are meant to live life. It is the natural state. There is nothing spiritual or mystical or extra-ordinary about any of it. That life is not lived this way, is actually extra-ordinary and quite astounding. Knowing that human beings have been doing life since thousands of years in an abnormal and unnatural way, based on a complete lie - that fact alone, should shake us awake rather quickly.

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Margot Ridler, Living Description of Awakening

Margot and I get together for fun and frolics a few times a year.


We said these things last year, and this year we had a video editing party to make clips (large and small) and load Youtube with a lot of great hints.


See how you like this one.