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How do these teachings deal with the child / parent relationship? Can you just say "there is no me"? (so no child)? What is your experience?

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Often children see clearer than we.

My 9 year old son often makes statements that reflect insightful thinking. However I sometimes I have to listen closely to catch these. They actually come at least a few times a week (and I don't think I'm reading into his messages). Today we're driving down the road and he says to me, "Dad what if the truck is standing still and the world is happening around us? I mean, what if we're just watching as everything is happening around us?" This lead us into a short discussion of predestination, fate, free will. I try not to drag anything out more than a few sentences and usually qualify everything so as not to be dogmatic or force him in any direction.

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Let your child raise you

The child is actually raising the parent. As long as we don't understand that, all education is a hubris. We confuse discipline with education. Both have their place. The parents hopefully know how to take discipline to the child, while the child takes education to them.

Guess who is in charge?

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Christine Wushke, relationship with 11 year old son

Is guidance at cross purpose with friendship?  I asked Christine to comment on child rearing:



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“The non-dual way to raise children“?

The parents mind, if it is not deeply understood, normally reacts to the child‘s actions, speech and thoughts as if the child were the doer, speaker and thinker. Therefore the illusion of being able to educate children arises. And parents take themselves to be responsible for how they children grow up.

In the name of love children are shaped according to the beliefs of unhappy parent's minds to discipline them and then they are told to "Be happy!" First be happy yourself then your "education" will be more likely to make your child also happy!

Happiness is the understanding that children are life's children and not man's.
Happiness is trust in Life which raises its children in the way it is meant to be.
Happiness is to understand that man is not the doer, speaker and thinker and that this is also true for children.
Happiness is to live Life as it is and not what the mind takes to be life which is just illusory thoughts.
Happiness is to live with alive little beings in Life and not with ghosts in the parent‘s mind.
Happiness is to understand that behaviour is nothing but a thought in the parent's mind and not an actuality in life.

Only a clear understanding of one‘s own mind will lead to a better understanding of children! But is there a “non-dual way to raise children“? How does this understanding of non-duality deal with the child/parent relationship? Can you just say "there is no me"? (so no child)?