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These Amazing Times (Vol 6-7)

These Amazing Times (Vol 6-7)
Stuart Schwartz and Patrycja Pruchnik
An Unbelievable Freshness
Happiness for no reason is alive here.
Matt Kahn Speaking with Rupert Spira
Something left out of a No-Me
Matt cautions that even the no-me deserves tremendous love.
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I watched Stuart and Patrycja yesterday

Here's another great nisargatta quote that Mooji once mentioned on the show:
"I am that principle that witnessed the dissolution of the universe, and yet I remained untouched"

Isn't it a nice paradox that he talked about not caring, yet so many are inspired and cared for by his words?

Is not being involved in experience a way of disengaging from the world?
And is being involved in experience actually engaging in the world?
Or is engagement possible when we stop being involved?

And can we help someone if we see them as an object?