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I am (Gachchy aka Gan, Chennai) a 56 Years Old Man. Married. Have Two Children. I am a Senior Govt Officer in a reputed Organization. Life has given me lots of experience. I wish to discuss and share the same with my fellow human beings. I love to read books on Advaita Vedanta and Upanishads. I wish to write a lot. I am after the opinion that putting one's right thoughts in writing make one become perfect. I am an avid vegetarian and a Teetotaler. I am born as Hindu. I am Deeply Spiritual, but not much Religious. I value Traditions and Culture, but I am not Superstitious. I love to read writings of Adi Shankara and Ramana Maharshi. I don't argue much and try to accept everyone as they are. I am least Egoistic, more Flexible and Adaptable. I like Silence. Love to join this forum. (Sorry for using this many 'I's in this write-up.)

I took up this pen name because my mom (she is no more) fondly used to call me as 'gachchy' (To be pronounced gey-chi).


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