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Here are a few of my comments. I do think that sharing comments helps build interest and helps build participation. Participation (I feel) is a metaphor that has a direct correlation with the dissolution of the assumed separate self.

I often wonder (on slow nights) - that perhaps many people hesitate to call in out of a sense of privacy or a sense of protecting an image of maturity or a self image of knowingness, not wanting to say something stupid. In a sense, here we are trying to investigate non-duality, but from a deep foundation of the importance or vulnerability of our imagined separate self (duality). Of course we are only "playing games with ourselves" and we can never break through any illusion, starting from that foundation.

That is why I have given almost all my energy to the live shows. They are so much more potent a tool for the Seeing that we are all about. Recorded shows are missing a huge ingredient, no participation. No matter how spiritual nor how clear, they are still "same old, same old".

I hope to see you all in our rolls of enthusiastic callers, and thanks for your interest.

Richard Miller

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 Jan 23rd, 2010


Wow! Richard what a web site you have hear!What a gift to the world. After 40 years of searching here,there and every where,running around like a headless chicken,I feel like I have found the place to stop the search. What grace there is to be found on your web site.What wisdom there is among the many guest speakers.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.



December 15th 2009

Hey  Richard,
I just want to let you know I really benefitted from the satsangs you taped. Especially one in Stanford where Florian was talking about habits of focus. Even months afterwards this is still unfolding for me. So thanks a lot and I hope to stay in touch.

December 15th 2009

Thank you Richard for NNH. I felt blessed to have discovered you at a time in my life when I needed confirmation and support for what I was moving through. I was deeply touched by your commitment to follow your heart and learn your way through all the technical aspects and for the teachers you brought who shared their insights and presence.with us! It was like having satsang in my home with those I could not not have met in person...Mooji, Pamela Wilson , Jacque O' Keefe, Isaac Shapiro and many others I have met. NNH clearly shows how the same message is expressed in so many ways and helps to get the spread the message that awareness is awakening. I have shared your site with others and deeply appreciate what you have given to us all. Thank you for all your inspiration.


October `9th 2009

hi there Richard,

just want to say I love to listen to nevernothere,it`s really good to hear all the different ways people describe the `it` or whatever it`s called,and here I`m like someone gathering it all up,hoping I might get the kind of clarity all your guests have,so I really like the way you talk with your guests.I like the good quiet happy feeling comes from listening,more peace with some than others but being rather housebound I love the touch of satsang via theinternet,so love to you and thankyou for the show!

Liz in UK xxx

October 19th 2009








IN LOVE, SCOTT BENESI 702/493-7205


October 5th 2009

Dear Richard

Finally, something I've been wanting to say for a while: My first email to you occurred after a transitory awakening where all concepts were seen to be made of the "same stuff" of Consciousness and that the content really didn't matter. I may have said something to you such as your interviewing style of asking concpetual questions being "irritating." What ridiculous arrogance! :-) You get so many emails of appreciation (and rightfully so), and you have so many amazing projects going on, that you may not even remember a stray comment such as the one I made. Anyways, no big deal, I just wanted to humbly apologize and express my deep appreciation for your Presence.

You know, ever since you came back from India, your energy is completely different. And it has been a constant unfolding, a dropping away of "old stuff" ever since, sort of like a shooting star. Wonderful to witness. But who am I to say? There is ONLY the Perfect Divinely inspired no-path to Never Not Here!

Just sharing "man to man" . . . in preparation for our meetings with Florian. :-)

Lots and lots of Love to you Richard,

September 28th 2009

Hi Richard!
It was a great Satsang yesterday with Pamela.Thank you so much! She was a sweet apparition on our compiuter screens.

I also realized that it makes a huge difference between calling in and just listening, even if one receives so much with mere active listening.

Pamela said: GIVE SATSANG TO WHATEVER ARISES.Sometimes words are very powerful and precious when they point stright to your Real experience even if they are just words. Suddenly it became so obvious to me - one must give one`s own Satsang to everything. I practised it with some troubles that happened to me today and it worked just wonderfully!

About the passing away of Ramesh Balsekar: He was - IS - a great teacher. I keep always his books on my desk and his words on my mind. I know that you spoke with him in India and it will be great when we shall be able to watch your interview with him!

All the best with your work with Florian in October!

With much love

Anna Maria

September 22nd 2009

I found you through an email list I am on for Moni Vangolen's website.
I am another person interested in an alternative to the story-making that habitually carries on and distracts, inspiring the garden variety of suffering. I was really struck by what you wrote on your site about how often the people closest to us can't understand our passion for truth, our interest in waking up. I talk to people close to me about these things and they sometimes look at me like I'm speaking gibberish. I remember giving copies of tolle's Power Of Now to some family members. It was pretty funny. I was sure they'd read the first page and have the reaction I had, "Oh, my god, where has this information been ! I had to find other people to talk to about it. I didn't want to proselytise.

I live in a little university town called Chico, in northern California. I wish I could get to the bay area to see you while you are there. I live a four-hour drive from there.
Anyway, I just feel compelled to say how much I love what you are doing, and how great your presentation is. I love how much fun you have and am envious. If you had a staff, I would work for you in a second. I do my thing to keep the practical aspect of my life together, but what I'd really love to do is just focus everything the way you do, on the depth of life.
Thank you so much for following whatever prompted you to do what you're doing. If you are ever in Chico, I'd love to meet you, hear about your adventures.
Brett Edwards

September 19th 2009

Hi Richard,

I'm writing from Melbourne Australia. I love your website. I only just found it a few days ago and downloaded some of the interviews/talks onto my MP3. When I went back in to download some more, I couldn't find any of the list I was looking at under the archives. I would really like to put them onto my MP3 as I listen to them in the car or when I'm walking and don't really have time to sit at the computer to watch/listen.

Thanks for the website. It's such a terrific service to connect people from all over the world with such wonderful teachers who often don't get to come as far as Melbourne, so I really appreciate what you're doing. I love Paul Hedderman and Isaac. They both have so much clarity for me.

Best wishes,

They're all here:

September 13th 2009

Hi Richard,
I am a listener from Castle Rock, Colorado. I learned of your website from my friend Barbara in Colorado Springs, who met you at a Jeannie Zandi retreat.
I watched almost all of Jac's retreat in Toronto live. In fact during a break in the action on the last Monday satsang, I even went and untangled my long phone cord that reaches to the quiet corner of my house where I was listening. (By the time I got that done, the studio audience was getting back in the chair.) I thought I had a question about the step from observer to 'the source of the next thought', because that becomes a mental exercise for me.
I have since bought Jac's book and realize that I haven't even made it to Observer yet. I have thought for some time that I could observe my thoughts, but now I realize that it is not without judgement of the thoughts I am observing. I have two states: awake and judging, or falling asleep at the first sign of quiet.
I can't figure out why this teaching has been drawing me for the past 7 years or so, because I have had no experience of being anything but my separate brain. But I so appreciate that you are making various teachers available in this format. I'm about a third of the way through Jac's Chicago retreat and look forward to exploring the other teachers in the archives. Maybe one of them will crack my brain.
Many thanks to you and Jac and the other teachers.
I think you need to take a trip to Colorado?
In gratitude,

September 6th 2009

I notice they posted one of your videos on Stillness Speaks. If you didn't already know, Chris the developer of the site is a close friend of Francis Lucille's. Wow he would be great!
On a personal note. Because of the direct access to teachers and the frequency of shows, a question that I have asked so many times on your show, one that has held me for so long, finally let go. All that is left is silence, no more questions.
Thank you for your kindness and patience, I dont think you can imagine the great effect your work is having on so many of us.
With love and gratitude,

August 24th 2009

Hello Richard,
I just wanted to let you know that I greatly appreciate your programming. Even though I have not yet been a part of one of your live broadcasts, I have found your archives to be very rich. Living in Berkeley I have the opportunity to sit with many teachers and even with all of this access, your work offers something special. Please keep up the good work.
Your friend,

August 23rd 2009

What an awesome marathon session today with Jeff Foster! This kid covered the topic completely in the most simplistic words... I have actually opened to the Reality he talks about and admitted a number of misconceptions and self-deceptions during this session. Thank you so much for this gift of Truth and mindfulness.
Regards, Alexander

August 16th 2009

Hi Richard,
i just saw the video clip with Rakshita and you know - after having had a bad car accident this afternoon - it makes me smile.
A car with high speed behind me pushed me into a wall and escaped. My friend and i we were well, what a miracle! And what helped me a lot was to see it as the phenomenal world in the foreground and who we - all the participants - really are, we are That which agreed at the same time to perform this and everything what follows.......
Thank you again Richard, your shows awakend me for that!
De corazòn a corazòn,

August 10th 2009

Hi Richard!

What a great happening last Sunday with Netra and Peter Dziuban! Can you imagine that while watching I couldn`t even spare a minute to get a glas of water not wanting to miss a minute of the show prefering to remain thirsty.
Besides the exciting and really interesting, deep inquiries that both Peter and Netra and you were leading us into, it was also a lot of fun.
Indeed - I wonder how you manage to put these two things together: the awfully interesting and deep matter of discussion with the entertaining humor, ease and playfulness of the whole show.Really amazing!
Your choice of inviting Peter and Netra together was a flash of genius.It was so fascinating that I would like to see them together again.I felt my computer screen sadly empty when the show was over and you three guys had vanished into the dark.
I`m a great fan of Peter. His book "Consciousness is All" is unik,I feel it is a final landmark in the non-dual inquiry and he is also so generous sharing so much of his insights on NNH so many times.
Netra from his part radiated a great love and conpassion and deep wisdom.
So thank you, thank you!
You also invited us to express our preferences for the next shows, what we would like to see on NNH. Well, personally I think that I very much enjoy the kind of dialogues where two or more teachers participate and where you also partake a lot.
Yesterday a person who called in mentioned Ken Wilber, who meant a lot to my personal developement and growth and I am often dreaming to see him on NNH. What a fantastic show it would be inviting Ken Wilber together with Peter! Peter speaking from the point of view of the Absolute Consciousness and Ken about the Evolution of Consciousness (in time!).A really hot stuff.
I don`t know how to get in touch with Ken Wilber to ask him if he could participate.Today I tried to e-mail to Shambhala editors, maybe I`ll get some answer.

Anna Maria


July 23rd

Dear Richard

Last weeks I haven`t been able to watch NNH shows, I could only catch up last live with Jackie. When all of them came up recorded I started watching them from the begining and I became awfully moved. Such an unbelievable experience! Something huge is really really happening on NNH, not only with you but with everybody who is watching and participating, I am sure!

You know, I feel NNH has become like a new family to me. I remember when you said that NNH should become a Sangha - it surely has. It is also a Retreat with a lot of meditation and deep selfinquiries. At the same time it is NOTHING at all and EVERYTHING, not pointing to any beliefsystems, philosophies or principles, being beyond all those, it is so completely pure and FREE.

Not only you and all the teachers have become so dear and familiar to me but also those persons who participate in the studio and those who often skype in, like David and the others. When they close their phone I feel a little sad and hope that they will do well and that I shall hear them soon again.

I forwarded NNH to a friend who is a very busy person, with kids and a hard job. She told me that she hasn`t so much time to watch, but only knowing that NNH exists and that she can go to your website whenever she gets the opportunity - this makes her feel okey. I am sure that everybody who is following NNH has the same feeling.

I also steadfastly experience that we are evolving together on NNH, getting more deep and mature, as you said at the begining of Jackie`s show (July 15th) I got so deeply touched by your sincerity on that occasion.I felt a great love towards you and your unique generosity in sharing.

Namaste - in a huge gratitude!

Seeing forward to the next show on Sunday,

Anna Maria

July 10th 2009

Dear I can't even remember your name,
I remember your energy, and how you show up in these interviews. I'm incredibly thankful for the Never Not Here interviews, and the work you put into all this.
The first advaita teacher I found a few months ago was Mooji, and there has been a roller coaster ever since or should I say a slide on a kid's playground that goes down and down and down. Things are shifting and shifting. I was born in a fundamentalist christian home, and I see more and more how perfect that is. Up until recently I divided my life in this body in two. The part when I was a christian and the part after that. Now I see that the yearning was always there. Nothing really ever changed, not even when I threw my bible in the canal in Amsterdam.
I'm tired of talking about the early death of my mother, and all of that. Blah, blah, blah.
The last video I watched that elicited this response was your Tiruvanamalai and more interviews with Jac, who is now officially my favorite Irish person.
I relate to what Jac says about all the new age self-help working on yourself activity. That's another thing I'm tired of and I so sense now that nothing needs to be solved, healed, changed or improved. The sweet release of just being.
I'm just rattling, but that's because in my beautiful law of attraction circle of friends what's now my experience is still very foreign. Ah, now I remember, Richard, I am guessing you know or recognize what I'm currently tasting.
It's like I'm not home yet, but I can smell it. I just don't know how close to home I am. I may suddenly find myself there. And because I don't know where it is, I can't and don't need to speed up the process. I just follow the smell.

July 10th 2009

Hello Richard,
I am emailing you from Victoria on Vancouver Island, Canada. I just wanted to let you know that I truly enjoy your show, especially what you bring to it. I find your authenticity awesome. I also love what it is that you are doing... for me and for all the others 'out there' that are intensely curious about the process of awakening.
Thank you for following your heart and doing all that you do to bring this awareness to all of the 'me's' out there.
many thanks, many blessings to us all,
Adeline Price

July 2nd 2009

Dear Richard,
I want to respond to the remarks you made at the start of last night's call-in program. I want to express the deepest heart-felt appreciation for all of the wonderful teachers you continue to bring to the attention of the entire world. Your program has touched and helped so many people that it would not be an exaggeration to say that you are almost single-handedly raising the consciousness level of the whole planet. Don't start second-guessing and attempting to judge and question your "seeming" choices and selections- for the entire world and everything in it is our teacher, including all the so-called "good" ones and all the so-called "bad" ones. Even those you don't especially care for are bound to resonate with SOMEBODY, so don't even give it a thought. I see you as living proof of Joseph Campbell's injunction to "follow your bliss". And the number of people benefitting from your commitment grow and multiply every day in every moment in ways which cannot even be imagined!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
You are a continuing blessing to ALL!
Much Love,
Les (Rochester, NY)

June 22nd 2209

Hi Richard,
Just felt like saying a huuuge thank you for sharing all those wonderful teachings and intens emotions with us, people from all over the world.
thanks to your work, I have come to know so much about my Self....and I feel happier each day!
So, nothing special, just a big thank you from the heart,

June 15th 2009

Hi Richard,
I just wanted to say thank you to you and your team for arranging the
Skype broadcast with Mooji yesterday. It was so amazing to enjoy
Mooji's presence and his profound words. I felt as though everything
Mooji said was spoken directly to my consciousness. I wasn't able to
get through this time (I spoke with Mooji before during the previous
Skype broadcast in April) but I'm not worried about it because in many
of Mooji's answers to others, it seemed as though he was directly
speaking to me. I'm so grateful for the opportunity I had to listen to
the online Satsang with Mooji.
Thank you again!
(from Charleston, South Carolina)

June 14th 2009

Dear Richard,

Hello! I just had to write and express how grateful I am to you for your offering that is assisting in the awakening to our true nature. I first came to nondualism a couple of years ago with A Course In Miracles and then discovered Ramana Maharshi last June. Since then, my inner guru has led me from one thing to another (nondual podcasts, books, etc) in a very organic progression. I found NNH at the end of April this year and have since been compulsively drawn to your station several times a week to experience all of the beautiful beings who are sharing the message.

Who I found that communicates to me most directly (in the way I need to hear it) is Jackie O’Keeffe. I was so moved by the initial interview that I had to email her some questions. She hit me to the core at the end when she talked about what was really going on – that it’s the echo of that first vibration coming back to the Absolute – that is all that is happening. We traded a couple of emails and I asked if she would be visiting Dallas. She wasn’t sure at the time, but the next week, I was contacted by Ray, her US organizer telling me she wants to come to Dallas! Understand I’m an intensely private person, have no connections – I’m not a “joiner” of groups in any way - and have a led a very solitary lifestyle since my husband passed 3 years ago. So now I’m the Dallas organizer of her satsangs. J Isn’t it incredible how life unfolds! This just feels so right and the energy is moving my form to serve this purpose. I drafted an introduction to Jac and posted on our local spiritual Yahoo group and sent it to a few yoga centers.

I’ve received a box of her books so I’m looking forward to her pointers that lead to the “software uninstall”, especially the tendencies for the “me” that stresses about things. Like Jac told me, “just let it be easy”. Thank you for the part you played in this. I feel humbled and blessed to be a part of Jac’s service to the world.

What you are doing is so valuable – there are so many ready for this message to see the freedom that’s already here. I love the people you’ve introduced to us (Mooji, Rick Linchitz, Jeff Foster, Paul Hedderman last week) – all a delight! And I love your energy too! J For me, it’s like layers of the onion are peeling away as this truth becomes an intrinsic part of my being, and as I come to new resources, I find the resonance is deeper. God is expressing through all forms.

Many blessings to you Richard. Hope we meet soon.

In Oneness,
Georgia Pierce

June 11th 2009

Dear Richard,

I am touched by your dedication to presenting awakened teachers to the world via never not here. Thank you so much. We first went on to see Alice Gardner, an old friend from 'before', and then watched many more. We found Jeannie Zandi on your show and were so blown away that we invited her to come to Vermont to teach at our place ( and she did and it changed our lives.

So I am so touched by your reaching out in this way.

We will hope to catch your live broadcast next Wed. or soon in any case.

with love and gratitude,

Caitlin Adair
Westminster West, Vermont

June 9th 2009

Hi Richard,

I thought it was about time i emailed you to express my gratitude for all the work that you have done to put your excellent website together.
I use it on a daily basis for my relaxation time and love going through the on-demand section to view all the different teachings there. I came across the website by pure coincidence (or was it meant to be?!), but i am so happy that i did find it. I live in England so i am not able to catch most of the live webcasts but i make sure i check them out not long after. Keep up the good work and know that you are really appreciated for all the effort you put in.

Kind Regards


June 1st 2009

I just wanted to say thank you! Thank you! for all that you are doing. You are wonderful and we all are loving you and your show. So very thankful for you. You are possibly saving my life. So much suffering has been here and nowhere to turn. Just, thank you is not enough to say but it is all I know to say.


May 27th 2009

Dear Richard,
A resounding big thank you and some feedback for you on your Never not Here Tv show. You are doing a tremendous job in your work of helping a lot of us individuals who are constantly looking for ways to improve our lives either spiritually or emotionally. I applaud your efforts and hard work and I am deeply grateful for people such as yourself and your staff.
This writer has been in the pursuit of the Holy Grail of enlightenment or clear seeing for close to forty years and has dabbled in the many things from Encounter group dynamics of the early 60's to the New Age spirituality of today, while much of what I learned over the years was never wasted, the inner maturity needed to transcend the confines of the "thinking" mind has always eluded me, that is until one day I "accidentally" came across your shows interviewing different Advaita speakers. I have watched all or most of the interviews you have recorded, and as a result, my own spiritual/emotional growth has gone from a snails pace to a gargantuan leap forward . Of particular mention is of your interviews with Jackie O'Keeffe from Ireland with whom I seem to resonate with . Most teachers I noticed talk "about" advaita and self enquiry, Jackie, John Sherman, and Isaac Shapiro are terrific placing matters experientially in such a format that leaves one to dive deep within and look for ones self. The question and answer period is extremely valuable especially to those of us that ponder the "how" of self enquiry. Bravo again Richard., my mantra from now on is " View one show a day ...keeps the thinking mind at bay"
God Bless
Graham Dilks Sacramento California

May 22nd, 2009

Hi Richard, I am a big fan of your show and have watched hours of your inspired interviews. I just wanted to tell you that last night, your interview of Peter was brilliant and that he was brilliant. It was so refreshing to have distinctions between the Absolute and the mind's thoughts about the Absolute being clarified. How can there be any insinuation of time in Absolute Reality? Can the Absolute ever not be absolutely present? This and more was discussed so powerfully and made this interview beautifully unique. Thank you so much. You said that you will have another interview with Peter soon. Thank you for that too.

Warmly, Susan

May 21st 2009

Hi Richard,

I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful opportunity to talk with you last night. I think it went marvelously, and I couldn't be more pleased. Your simple, real, let's-get-right-to-it interviewing style just makes everything flow. Afterward, I got a number of phone calls, and they were all very complimentary of you! EVERYONE says it's such a wonderful, generous thing you're doing with your website.

All the best,
Peter Dziuban

May 21st 2009

Here is a note about "Consciousness Is All" by Peter Dziuban

Hi, dear Richard,
Maren Springsteen here who wrote to you earlier today regarding Peter's show...
Just to let you know: SO loved your interview, beautiful, so clear, I have had amazing experiences with Consciousness Is All..contemplating just a few paragraphs daily dissolves all personal sense like no other teaching has ever done....first learned to clearly discern assumption from Actuality and then realized that there is no personal Maren that could ever need to realize anything as Omipresence, Omniaction is doing it perfectly already...

I also wanted to extend the most cordial invite to our CIA group on facebook ( first link at, should you be interested, I just post regularly some powerful quotes from the book, or what comes as little Zen koans as a result of contemplating it and everyone can check in at their own leisure..there's a few authors on there that you interview regularly, like Katie Davis...
warm regards,
your Maren xx

May 19th 2009

Dear Richard

I`ve just watched the video with Gaia from Germany and I must say that it is for me the best of all the shows. But please, do not take these words so litterally, because all the shows on NNH are best - I just don` t know how to put it. it is the last show I watched, fresh, spontaneous, deep, amusing and my impressions are so vivid right now and so positive that I just must tell you how much I enjoyed it.

And then it is also this strange thing happening that although all the "teachers" on the shows are talking about the same subject, yet every show gives me somenthing new, some new "hint" - the word you yourself so often use - and then I say:oh, I never thought of this, how interesting! For exempel when Gaia asked you to try to define the words "now" and "here" and suddenly the illimitation of them showed up. This is so precious for persons who need this kind of teachings more than anything else! It will be great to meet Gaia again in Chicago.
While watching I found myself laughing and nodding and feeling such a great gratitude for your huge work and such a great joy.
I think I discovered NNH in December last year and I soon realized how unique your work is, because one can not only follow your developement from the begining until today but you are also taking everybody with you on this path.It is a unique video- documentation of a person`s spiritual journey, generously open to everybody.
And there is something else. Although you are not the teacher but the person who is asking questions trying to discover things you are getting more and more profound in the matter so I often find myself remembering your comments and ideas as much as those of the teacher.The image of the theacher sitting in front of you and your own person are somehow melting together. Really amazing!

A huge thanks again from all my heart!
Anna Maria

May 12th 2009


thanks for letting me into the show with Florian Schlosser via Skype last Sunday.

For me this was the first time and it made a big difference as it went much deeper than just watching passively. Subconscious subjects are holistically perceived and this results in a much deeper understanding than just intellectual.

Thanks a lot for giving us this great opportunity.

All my love,

May 7th 2009


I am constantly amazed at how life moves. Having the communications of Tolle, Adyashanti and Gangaji land in my lap I have been left thirsty for more. It is difficult to be in retreat in California let alone India or any other location in the world, so the communication is limited by what is posted on a website or written in a book. Inquiry still happens, but without the dynamic of questions and pointers one feels a little lost in the woods. Well, I have been asking myself and life why one needs to travel to the ends of the earth to find truth. For me, that reinforces separateness.

Why wouldn’t it be where we are at? Then I find NNH. Satsang, and it is interactive. Fantastic!

Gary Bramley

May 2 2009

Dear Richard,
I'm watching your broadcasts every day, even go to sleep with them.
From my perspective you are inviting great teachers for talks and sessions.
You your self are coming from the place of your honest, sincere and charming nature.
Slight imperfections are making what you and your crew are doing just more original and brings it closer to the viewer.
Thank you for what you and your crew are doing,
Tanya King
McKinleyville, Ca

April 22nd 2009

Thank you for the wonderful exchange between Richard Miller and Ganesan. As a result of that viewing "I know that I am"

Tao, Ingrid

April 19th 2009

In answer to "what should we be doing different?"
Dear Never Not Here
Exactly what you are!!! This is the best show on media, including TV, Cable, audio, etc.!!!
Keep it going!
C. Schacht

April 14th 2009

Hi Jackie,
I am not sure what brought me to listen to your interview by Richard at the website Never Not I was wowed. You were just speaking out the truth and I could absolutely relate to everything. Am not sure whether Richard is just a good interviewer but he was coming in and out and keeping my attention right on. It is unbelievable that we belonging to such different culture agreeing to the same, proving that there is just one and only truth. Would definitely love to meet you during one of my Tiruvannamalai visits.

April 14th 2009

(Message Copied to Katie Davis, sent to some of the sender's friends)

I VERY-STRONGLY suggest you see the following video:

The video is program 26 of Never Not Here. Never Not Here is a television program out of Chicago by Richard Miller. He interviews spiritual teachers.

This specific program:

Katie Davis ~ "Never Not Here" Chicago Television with Richard Miller of Clearsight TV ~ Show 26
Interview with Katie Davis, author of "Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment"
Awakening, Enlightenment, Being Now, Self-realization, Spirituality, Awake Living, Satsang, nevernothere

Here's my experience in a nutshell:

I became very mentally quiet. I laid down on the floor and listened (rather than sitting up and watching) with my eyes closed and my attention on "full."

I zoomed out from my little mind-made-sense-of-identity-as-scotty, a person.

My identity shifted to being awareness, fully awake awareness, full of joy, with no need for more of anything.

Hope you have a similar experience with this video. It can be a real "Dream Crusher!"

Here's the link: (This means you go to the Katie Davis website and it is on the bottom of page 2 (Katie II) free videos. I first watched all of the videos on page 1 and this Show 26 is the last video on page 2. I have not yet watched the videos on her page III, etc.

scotty-john-god-ralph-eckhart-katie davis-self realization-awareness-oneness

P.S. Yes I cried, Yes I wept tears as I heard these words of wisdom. They resonated with me and I recognized the truth in a deep dimension within, beyond my mental constructs, my neuro networks, my mental conditioning.


April 6 2009


First of all I want to thank you for your program and wonderful interviews you have been producing and broadcasting. They are a true gift and of immense richness.

I am writing you because I recently watched the video interview of Florian Schlosser in Viddler from you (here: It is such a gem! It answered so many unconscious questions I had and explained things, not in programmed and preconceived spiritual kind of way, but from a fresh and genuine point of view. It looked real! Tell me, is it possible to get a file for this interview so I can watch at home and share it with friends?

Thank you very much for your work and all the best for upcoming shows,

April 4th 2009

Hi Richard!

I just want to thank you for your great work, which is getting more and more great and thaks also to all wonderful people in your team!

I beleve that the Consciousness that we all are has put you in the right place at the right time, when you are mostly needed everywhere. I am so happy and grateful to have had the chance to discover your sites so my life is right now happily flowing along with NNH and every show is amazing and all the teachers wonderful. I think that specially people like me, who are still needing support and inspiriation in their lives are getting such a great help watching your shows and of course it is also a great fun. And everybody else who is on this Path is probably having a great time! Is there anything more interesting than Advaita in life? I do not think so and NNH is the best medium to spread it in the world. beeing not only skilfully professional but also highly entertaining!

I watch all the live shows except those on Wensdays since I am in Slovenia and Sweden and they are sent too late at night.I tried to watch the recorded one with Sperry Andrews but there were too many interruptions.

By the way, how about inviting Bhagwan Ra, Afrika? He is really wonderful too, so majestic and he has a very powerful way of teaching Advaita. I hope we could meet him some more time!

I loved watching your conversation with Jac O`Keefe and I recognized myself very much in her way of living. I am seeing forward to the show on the 26th of April and also to Mooji and all the others!

Be well and take care!
Sincerelly yours,
Anna Maria Birsa


April 4th 2009

Richard Miller and Staff:

Thank you so much for all that you bring to us, especially Mooji and, more recently, Jac O'Keefe (these two in particular have touched me). I hope to see lots more of both these and all of your other wonderful guests.

I am still loving watching the footage from the recent trip to India. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and I have shared your link to others with much praise for all the VERY VERY wonderful work that you are providing to your audience.

Thank you so much. Many blessings, and may your audience continue to grow and grow.

Anne Power

April 3 2009

Dear Richard,

I want to thank you for teaching me something of trememdous value -- about life, about love. I don't know how to explain it, but through the experience I had in first watching you interview Florian (and the "resistance" I had to your interviewing style, which I now regret expressing) to my experience of you now. I don't know how to frame it, but it is beautiful, and my heart is bursting with love and appreciation for how you showed up in my life.

I have been watching some of your shows. The work you are doing is absolutely outstanding! Thank you for your beautiful contribution to expanding consciousness!

Do you by chance have bumper stickers or other forms of advertisement available that I might use to help in spreading the word about NNH?

With deepest gratitude and love,


March 29th 2009

Immediately after the first Florian Web Cast with 90 people on line


thanks for the live show we had a few minutes ago. This is great stuff, I never could imagine that the closeness of the whole mankind can be felt like we did in the end of the show during that silent moment.

Go on producing such shows, it is fantastic.

All my love,

March 27th 2009



March 27th

Dear Richard,

Thank you very much for all the wonderful teachings that you make available for the whole world. Thank you also for your innocence and honesty during all your conversations.

I have been watching since the beginning and it has enriched my life to a great extent.

SO thank you again.

Love from Rose from the NEtherlands.

November 10th

..and greetings from Stockholm, Sweden.
Just wanted to express my gratitude for your work with the show.
Ive watched all the episodes and its amazing how you managed to get teachers like Mooji,
John Sherman, Jeff Foster and Kevin Edwards etc. to come and talk on the show.
They are all wonderful teachers, but for me, the true guru is you (and your crew of course) who works to
get their message out all over the world.
Im moved to tears by your willingess to share your awesome conversations.
Its also a very cool thing to see how you've changed since show
I truly hope that you and your crew can feel that youre making a big difference in the world by putting the show online.
Thank you so much!
Love from Nick, 23 years old guy from Stockholm Sweden. (Oh and please try to get Adyashanti on the show!)

November 7th

Dear Richard Miller and the other NNH-workers,

I just want to say how thankful I am that, through your site, I felt, and feel, deeply invited to investigate the mystery of what is.

Because, on your site, there are so many different teachers 'on display,' each with their own method, it made me realise in a profound way that it's not about the teaching, but about the the Love behind the teaching. I sense they all point to the same, although there way of pointing may differ. By seeing these different teachings side by side it became more clear to me that the teaching (and perhaps the teacher) is only a pointer to the reality of being.

That said, I do feel I am drawn to some teachers in particular. I especially feel drawn towards Jeannie Zandi. I actually seen her video's twice. Before I discovered NNH, I never heard of her. So again, thanks for this cool project.

The Netherlands

November 6th

Hi Richard and the whole Never Not Here Show-team!
My name is Cattis and I'm sitting here in Sweden, bursting with gratitude for the web site shows with Florian and Julia Sclosser and you, Richard.
What a relief!
I just ALWAYS KNEW IT... and been sharing this with others, that the body is where the rubber hits the road, so to speak.
The body is Here, so Here is where it gets real.
If the body can't respond to the awakening totally, it's all kind of useless.
So I will spread these shows from the joy of my heart and body, resting in & as awareness.
Cattis, Sweden

November 3rd

Dear NNH - I've just discovered your site in the last 48 hours, and have only had a couple of hours to look around and watch some excerpts. WOW!!! This is a treasure trove! I'm a fan of the Headless expereriments, and so it was wonderful to see Richard, and much much more to discover.

I watched a bit of the Florian videos and I'm widely excited! Could you direct me to a site where I could order the books, please?? (Amazon UK)

best of regards
Shane - from Sydney Australia.


Just a quick email to let you know how much I enjoyed the Florian Schlosser videos. Really interesting stuff. It just goes to show you that there are many ways of pointing to this and Florian's is very clear and direct with no riddles or pretty words thrown in. It really made a lot of sense looking at it from a logical point of view with no abstractions. Keep up the good work.

Brian Vass

November 2nd

Hi Florian,
I just watched your interview with Richard Miller of Never Not Here and I'm sitting here with my mouth dropping open...Could it be that you have brought all the components together for a free/loving life?

Years ago I studied Scientology and its founder talked about certain traumas in life causing a trace on our cells and then we operate based on these imprints...But ONLY looking at this doesn't help because it is not the full picture. Recently I've found myself at Satsangs with teachers who speak of Ramana Maharshi and to stick with the I AM. I love this as I've had glimpses of Reality and have seen how the individual "I" is not real. But it is as you say, I go home and start yelling at my kids again! What frustration!

I also have read a lot of the utterances of UG Krishnamurti and something resonated with me. He speaks SO much about the body and it's purity and perfection. I was confused at the time about why he was going on and on about the body...He also said that Ramana didn't go the WHOLE way! I'm wondering if that is what he include the body and the importance of our cells. Wow!

Can you reiterate what you mean to acknowledge the cells or to include the body? When I am looking at awareness or presence, do I make sure some of the "attention" includes the body and then the cells will be released of their trauma...a clean slate so to speak?

Tears were in my eyes while watching your interview when you were talking about the cellular aspect...
Thanks for your generosity in sharing!

October 30th

(Sent to Florian)
What happened was that on Never Not Here, I got to experience a lovely shift in how I relate to my experience of being here in a richer/deeper way. For some time, I understand that the world is my mirror and the trigger is not "out there" but a missing part was the "attention" part. Where is my attention when that trigger gets pulled and I am in reaction mode.

Ahhhhhh it seem no one ever pointed out that my attention is pulled outside (narrow focus) by habit and now I can and have directed my attention into my body/nervous system (the multisensorial experience of being) and boy oh boy. Lots is going on in my body !

When my attention is anchored there, I can still listen to my sister (who can usually push all my buttons) but I am mostly paying a lot of attention to my nervous system (body) and you know what?

She thanked me and said, I really listened to her ! The joke is that I had really paid less attention to the words and more was just "with her" as I was anchored in my body. Hard to describe but who cares about the description, it was lovely. I would love to do a retreat with you both just for the fun of joining others in this dance of being together in this way.

"The seeker" (my spiritual persona) died after about 35 years of seeking and that was a surprize since I had a strangely liberrating awakening about 10 years ago after meeting Adyashanti.

I never dreamed my whole spiritual world would go down the toilet Heh-heh. So it was with great enjoyment to discover this missing lovely embodiment part just watching a video of Florian and you

October 28th

Hi Richard,

‘’by accident’’ I found my way to your site!
Must say that I spend hours and hours watching the videos and what a true delight.
It really helps me in my search for the SELF.
I can now see clearly what I am not

Thanks a lot

October 25th

Hi Richard,
Thanks for asking what I think of the Florian shows. In my opinion these past two shows have conveyed so clearly what the meaning of the show is really about. (Or maybe the clarification of what was being sought).

To see you bathed in awareness at the end of the last show was a very moving and beautiful moment for me. This happened to me also on the live show and deepened today as I was watching. Until now, there has only ever been a conceptual understanding of what was being said, but since the live show everything is somehow different. I hate to get into all this descriptive stuff because it all sounds so contradictory. All I can say for sure at the moment is that everything looks the same but FEELS completely different. And for many years, there was a sense that something was missing and now there isn't. And right now there is a deep sense of peace or ease of being.

Actually, It has just dawned on me what it is. Since the live show there have been no more questions arising, and that is not due to any answers being provided...again this still doesn't explain what has changed. I'll let you know when I know :-)
With a deep love and gratitude Richard,
Marcus from the UK

October 11th

Hello Richard,

Today I saw the little short video off you with Mooji.
It makes me say to you that you are really wonderful…
Love is the word that comes up when I see this and this is what I like to share with you NOW…

LOVE… Being always there… YOU and ME… NEVER NOT HERE…

With Love…

Wim Hein

October 8th

Hi Richard
I just watched the video, and I think it is a gem. Precious to me personally, and also a precious gift to be offered to whoever might be drawn to watch it. I have no qualms at all about it being available on your site.
My friend in Edmonton watched it with me and he was right there with Jeannie and I, joining us in the spaciousness.
The editing was seamless, were not aware of it at all. Loved the birdsong.
Thank you so much Richard.
Love and Gratitude
John Gehrke

Dear Richard,
Thank you for making the new shows with Mooji available, they were both very remarkable and profound. I loved them! And thanks also for the Jeannie and John Gehrke was very interesting and revealing.
I would love to see more of Jeannie in action when you can bring that about, even if it means ordering dvd discs on line.
It has been really wonderful to be able to witness the changes and personal evolution in you, as well, through all of these amazing interviews and live satsangs with remarkable teachers/sharers. It is living testimony to the depth of your passion and commitment to Advaita, and to your deep humility, sincerity and personal courage. I have been deeply touched, and consider myself a better person for knowing you, if only through your shows. Yes, you are correct, Richard, it is possible to communicate over airwaves a great deal more than mere words and images!
Much Love,
Les Collins
Rochester, NY

October 2nd

I appreciate your note, Richard.
Thanks to Richard Lang I have just discovered your site "Never Not Here" (what a powerful truth) with all the great interviews you conducted. In fact, all the teachers there seem so tempting that it's hard to choose whom to view next.
Best Wishes,

September 3rd

Richard, last night I was able to watch last Tuesday's show with Jeannie ... your questions were soooo on target. You are the right person to be interviewing these teachers. I'm so glad I found out about your shows; what a wonderful contribution you are making.

Dolores Baratta


September 2nd

Richard....your show is fantastic....I watch you think you could get Tony Parsons on your show.....if he would come to Chicago, maybe he would stop in New York and we could meet him too....Love Janie, NY


August 27th,

Hi Richard

Only discovered your programme the other week but just wanted to write and tell you how much I'm enjoying it. I'm just working my way through all the teachers!
A whole hour for each session is great and I have got so much more from them than the same amount of time say, reading one of their books. So far, the people who have resonated with me have been Jeff Foster (whom I'm already aware of) and John Sherman-wonderful!

Just hope I'm not getting addicted to your show- but if I am-well.. what the heck!

Keep up the good work,

Kind regards,



PS I would like to give a small donation


August 11,

Hey Richard
just saying thank you for sending me the link (just a few days ago)
I have been watching the shows with Jeff Foster and now with Mooji
and am really thankfull
(maybe in a year or two I will come and participate in the show... )
saying WOW and good bye
Guy Shemer


August 10th

Thank you, Richard! I don't know how you found me, but I'm glad you did.
Warm regards
Carol from California



Just wanted thank you very much for your - and everybody else helping out - efforts to bring us these awesome video-conversations. I've been watching those with Jeff Foster and am grateful for finding someone asking relevant questions, questions I myself would bring up were I to meet him.

The discussions succeed in pointing to something beyond conceptions and words, so keep up the skillfull means and keep on making great videos. I really appreciate it!

Best of regards,
Dawid Dahl, Sweden.


August 4th

just want to say thank you for putting out all those amazing videos for the world to see! They are life changing. Each one is a gem that is helping me in my transformation and growth.
Many blessings to you!

Esi Eyiah


Dear Richard,
Thanks for letting us know about your very interesting TV show: Never Not Here.
I had a look at your new Web site and was quite impressed with the range of material you showcase.

I'm delighted that you're giving some very good emerging teachers the opportunity to be seen and heard by a wider audience. We would certainly be interested in airing some of your shows to groups in Australia.

As you probably realize, Pearl and I are based in Perth, Western Australia.
Congratulations on what you've achieved so far and we wish you every success for the future.
May all beings be blessed by your sincerity,
Pete (& Pearl) Sumner

Wow, our name is Clearsight too, Clear Sight Productions that is. Welcome Brother


July 23rd & 29th


Hi Richard,
I have spent so many hours with you, feel that I know you.
I'm writing to express gratitude for your work and your dedication.

I have watched, listened to Mooji for at least 20 hours,
and Jeannie Zandi maybe 14 hours.

If you can bring us more sessions with these people
it will be delightful.

in Costa Rica

and then

If you ever have any doubt that what you do makes a BIG difference,
just give me a holler.

This is my dream come true, may your gifts be returned to you multiplied by millions !!
in Costa Rica

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