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There is a great urge to feel better

There is a great urge to feel better, identifiable in the human being.  That includes feelings, emotions, anxiety and underlying moods.  Feelings are in the body, so we have tension and contraction, and really all of ill-health.  Even the most successful people have these feelings and contractions.

Isn't this a great facility that human beings have, to know what to move away from?

1. One way to deal with this urge to feel better, we have investigated quite a lot on this web site.  That is the experience known by some, that you can't find substance in our virtual world of thoughts and ideas.  Aside from the the body that carries it, this "me" is mostly just a thought and memory structure,  That includes the part that says I want to feel better.

Going deeply into this no substance movement, can disconnect from a lot of self hurtful stories in one fell swoop.  It could be an expanding experience to visit this space once in a while.  That is non-duality in a nutshell.  It doesn't stop the stories.  So it needs to be applied again and again.  It acts like a limbo ground of relief.  I say limbo because with no thoughts, what can be created or accomplished?  The assumed patterns of what's showing up here, can be accepted and even relished to a degree.  That might be nice.

2. In all these years I have noticed an almost infallible connection between my feelings and the thoughts or the stories that I am repeating to myself.  Where I can't find this connection and have later delved into it, I find that it was still a believed in story that I hadn't acknowledge. It had been unconscious.  I concluded that feelings and what you're telling yourself are mirror images, an infallible link.

What are the stories that these running thoughts tell us?  They are all a story of an opportunity set that we believe is all that is open to us in this moment, (or closed to us).  These stories we discover, are the author of all our perplexity and discomfort.

An opportunity set is a verbal container for my action points around a circumstance.  It's a context that I believe in.  It is my current perspective.

The narrower that perspective is, the more it pinches, and the more contracted I become.  Contraction begets feelings, thoughts, ideas and actions.  As this matrix spirals downwards, some people can even get suicidal. They are so pinched, that they completely believe there are no more options from this point onward.  But it is nothing more than a narrow perspective.

3. We can all discover (or be coached to see) a simple and wider perspective to open that pinch.  There are so many points of view.  We can all take some action step that makes a difference.  It is not a difficult proposition.

What happens in that wider perspective?  We relax.  In that relaxation we see even more options, and we relax even more.  We actually begin to approach that wide open feeling that the non-duality route advised you to jump into with ignoring your thoughts.  But we don't get there by denial.  We get there through empowerment and satisfaction, and some limited mastery of how we can choose our focus and choose our thoughts.  Tomorrow that mastery becomes less limited.  It's a spiral into openness. Join us in these breakthrough investigations.


The short version


I was listening to a talk about DNA mapping, which said that in a study of all of the human races 99.9% of the DNA is identical and only 0.1% of DNA differed between the races of human beings.


We could say that the whole of the world drama and suffering is a worshiping of the 0.1% of difference within us. Never Not Here celebrates the 99.9% of similarity.


The magic of meaningful conversation


When the video camera is switched on, there has been an immediate focus to speaking from the heart and saying what is really important to the speaker. With teachers or participants alike, the video cuts through the small chatter and a communion occurs.


I guess that I am really addicted to good conversation. I think that I never had such focused interchanges until just a couple of years ago. Come and join us. 


What is the value of Never Not Here?


For me it has been immense. Every square is a chapter in my life, and I am very grateful for the privilege. Because if it wasn't for you, (you who are reading this) I would not have done it.







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